Be the epitome of success.

Don’t be the flower,
it shall shed with time
be the strong root,
it shall persist
with rain and light.


For keeping the new you,
you have to grow with confidence
to witness every harsh truth,
to see nature’s bright essence.
Grow your tolerance,
to rendezvous with
the challenging storms
to reach the height.
This is the way,
to defeat the hurdles
coming night and day
without staking yourself,
in destiny’s puzzles.
Be that guiding light
who can become
the shine of life
to motivate others.
Be the castle
of big stone
and not of sand
which shall go
with the waves.
Be the strengthening mountain
which can keep enemies far
to harvest any pain
and protect you as power.
When you succeed,
it shall be your hardwork
your willing deeds
that shall prove your worth,
to speak your story,
when you shine as epitome of glory.


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