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Communication has always been and will always be a vital basic need in a society set up with regions with effective communication thriving a little more faster compared to the rest. Through communication different people will always express ideas, opinions or even complains about one thing or another, don’t forget that what makes success to be what it is is the actually process and not the final or starting products(sharing of knowledge, learning correction and acceptance)

Most successful people have always mastered the communication skills as portrayed in the way they speak and respond with their goals clearly spelt out even as they speak. They have made communication an art and base to all they do. High level of self control is an imperative figure as they are able to control and coil their emotions and feelings expressing it in a manner I define as The Unique Expression.

While many are saying that the outer appearance is the market factor, I say appearance is only the first impression but speech and response are the base to the final outcome. This doesn’t mean that am against the so called first impression but am just trying to bring out where the weight lies in an explicit way. I’d prefer to have one who’ s not well presented but with The Unique Expression rather than a rude person X in a snappy outfit, where does the weight of the matter lie according to you?

The base of life in a society is always built by the relationship with those in the surrounding as relationships can be defined through the type of communication portrayed between the parties involved.(communication is the expression of ideas and thoughts through words and gestures) therefore for a strong relationship and bond, the communication skills must be at the peak. This can only be achieved through use of appropriate vocabularies and words and the language, etiquette must be observed. Discipline stands out as it cuts across all spheres of life. Then if we all know this then why do we still have challenges in communication?

Communication is still a challenge especially in the current world. Our youths and teenagers and even some adults still struggle in this field as effective communication still remains a weakness to many. Then how can we solve this? The cause of the matter is that we tend to treat words in a contempt manner as we fail to see and even realize the power of words flowing from within us and maybe a few moment of quiet contemplation can help us realise our mistakes and reflect to us the power held by our tongues.

Words are still treated normally as men have become blinded not to see the impact caused by words in the society, we are worried about trend and no one wants to be left out as the drama continues to spread out in our lands. On the other end the values held by words continues to be impure. If we continue to shut our eyes on the whole situation the whole matter is all jinxed.

The beauty of life depends with the individual who owns it. To me it lies on the strength and choice of words that describes it. It’s through words that lives have been turned around, broken hearts mended and healed, hope restored and fortunes attracted. Through words one can be judged as words results from an overflow of what lies from within you. Words on the other hand have shut dreams and lives of many. A greater power that most have failed to realise and recognize. One word can change lives and one word can shut all the doors but why do we still carelessly structure our words in communication. Maybe we won’t see this despite experiencing the effects of the same if we continue to underrate the strength and power of our words. If we Fail to analyze and think about this in this light then words will continue to be Valueless Diamonds On Flick.

The Beauty Of Life Lies In The Strength And Choice Of words That Describes It.

Maxwell Gad

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