That day after breakfast, I sat down and started thinking of how my life was some years ago. I was once not perfect in my academics but when I decided and tuned my brain into working hard I improved gradually and after some time I was considered as one of the best. Back then my goal was to be the best in everything I was doing. The truth was that everyone always wanted to be associated with success. Every student had the desire to be among the academic giants.

I was always among the top students in my class. Back then my aim was to maintain being the best and worked very hard to be there. Nothing was really going to deter me from achieving this. The good things that came along with being successfull was fame. Most people said I was bright but I really never cared about that title ‘bright’.

At times I always felt that my friends were discouraged just because I was always ahead of them but I always said to myself that I had earned it. I had sacrificed a lot just to achieve my goals and they all knew that.

It was once said that the higher you go the cooler it becomes. As years passed everything became very competitive and at times I had failed to be the best. Failure was the fuel that re-ignited my desire to achieving my goals. It made me realise that I had not done enough. To me the only shortcut to success was hardwork.

Today I have realised that some aspects of success is not what I thought it was. To me I had put my forcus on being the best but the truth is that no matter what you have achieved you can never be the best but you will always be one of the best. The current world is very competitive. Considering yourself as the best won’t really help but humbling yourself to one of the best will give room for you to learn from others since it will give you the mentality that you lack something that the other person has.(Enhance Research)

Its true to say that someone is bright but this should not be the reason to why you should think that you can not make it to where they are. You only decide on what you want for yourself then act. People always say that am bright but from within I know that am not naturally bright but a product of hard work. I believe that the secret to having this title ‘bright’ is simply hardwork.

Never put your forcus on being the best but direct your forcus towards improving the true version of yourself. It all starts when you know the real you then the rest will actually fall into place. Compete against your goals not against your rival or maybe friend. Most people fail to understand that success is not being the best but it’s the accomplishment(achievement)of set goals. You can be the best but fail to achieve your goal. Thats failure.

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