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A story is written about this one person, his name recorded in every history book in townAm not surprised that everyone in the society knows him, am not shocked that everyone wants to be like him. Time has passed since he was laid 6 feet underground but hiworth still felt rooted deep within our hearts and minds from one generation to the other. Smiles written on everyonesfacupon the utterance of his name, the legacy he left left a mark in everyones heart.


We are all working towards building something great for our lives, families and society. We all yearn to be remembered for something that we had once accomplished or maybe even if it’s not our wish for people to put a name to our achievements, then our outstanding achievements can get us into taking a trip down memory lane throughout our entire lifetime and even after we are no more.

The desire of every person is to bring change to his/her life and the surrounding. For a wise mind with a goal, desire and passion, an anomalous result can be found/realised/achieved. The foundation of your dreams lies in the mentality you direct towards it. Knowing your purpose will always be imperative and great in this walk of life, upholding and valuing your purpose will always be greater but above all making the step will lead you towards the dream.

Success is the series of small things put together, small steps taken each day.


Live a fulfilled life by achieving your purpose. Let it’s effect be embraced and cuddled by those who surround you now and the next/future generation. Leave a legacy worth being remembered.

Owino Maxwell Gad

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