The Choice at hand

Once again I’d start by making one point clear , maybe I overlooked into things as I made my conclusion an this imperative topic and maybe what’s contained in this piece may demur with the expectations of what you would have loved to hear in this topic, this is but a reflection of our society.

Humans are never perfect and I really doubt if one will reach that level where the character, attitude and personalities gets to the point where all hail the word perfection. My hunt to get to the unique gem is still underway but I can’t demure with the conclusion that the search will be nothing but a grail. Its always said that man has power to control his destiny but on the same deal lacks the power to control what comes as he proceeds towards winning the life’s battle which is basically knowing and understanding the purpose to why one exists. We can’t really tell which type of wall lies on our way but we are always reminded to be ready and flexible as Some walls will require us to move around them while some will force us to climb over to get to the other side. On the same breathe other walls will require our strength in pushing them down or even getting through them if we can depending with the situation faced.

Comparison will always be part of our human weakness. Comparison of ourselves to others and currently comparison to our predecessors lifestyle and behaviour. The gap between the two different generation is very wide both in terms of character, principles, laws and rules and even the actual physical development in terms of technology.

So one of the trending stories across the globe is the untamed rise of the unplanned teen-youth pregnancy, the headlines which has continued to question the millennial behavior in comparison to the predecessor. Why is purity so hard to maintain at this so called end times and what are the parents and guardians doing about it? The world’s conclusion is that nothing is being done about this as the numbers continues to increase despite the campaigns put in place to equip the future leaders with information. Information is power is no longer appropriate in this situation, what’s next for the future generation?

History will always teach us of our predecessors strengths and weakness. We definitely can’t forget that if we don’t learn from history then we will be doomed to repeat it but is this the reason to why we should frequently discriminate ourselves in relation to our forefathers? I don’t think so. Comparing the two generations is generally inappropriate.

So what am I trying to say, the current challenges faced by the young generation is quite different from the early times. In one way or the other both lives can’t be put together and fully settled to move in one direction since a lot generally changed as time moved by from the education system to growth, development, laws and even the worlds view on certain things. Life in general has taken another turn therefore trying to fix our predecessors lives into ours is a complete waste of time.

In African Traditional set up communities such as the Kalenjin married at an early age of around 14 year. This generally means that one was able to nature a new life as early as 14 or 15 what is currently considered as immorality. The difference in this to the current world is actually the norms, lifestyle and laws governing the two separate worlds. When the aims and roles were actually centered around a man’s voice, the current world is actually working it’s ways into bringing the two gender into same levels, equality is on the rise. Then where do we get the courage to compare the two different generations?

Early pregnancies will continue to rise if we continue to glue ourselves into primitive norms and center our lives in comparison to our predecessor. We will continue to fail as parents in raising the future we hope to see as we have refused to understand the modern world therefore, we can’t come up with solutions that would be appropriate in solving the modern rising challenges. To come up with this solutions then we must fit into modernity, accept and own it. This will help us come up with solutions that will smoothly fit to the current trend and help solve the rising problems instead of enslaving the young generation with our ‘primitive obsession’. The difference between It Was and It Is should always be seen. Let’s try and weigh on what really deserves our attention our past or future. There’s a lot to be done in saving the almost falling generation, let’s not waste time.

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