Maybe I never got it right, maybe I was in a dream. What do we really priorities in our lives, which type of people do we give the first attention? Is it worth it? Is there life beyond what you are doing? Do you want to see yourself make it to greater heights? Why are you happy about the small things, no why do you consider small things big, I never saw that coming, I never imagined it, time fly’s when you are having fun, you won’t realise it till you reach the final line. Stress, agony starts creeping in upon realising that you are alone in the dark, no path no option. Every time you try to walk towards the door of no location you find yourself in collision with walls surrounding you. Are you really trying to reach this point of life where giving up, staying down becomes your only solution? If not why are you wasting this 1st hour?

Are you waiting for the second hour? Do you know what destiny holds for you in the 2nd hour and if not why waste the 1st opportunity. I still wonder why we talk of dreams but do nothing about them, the 2nd hour is coming and maybe the opportunity you are currently holding will come to fade away on your watch. The right time is now, in the first hour, the second hour may come unexpected, a weird tune to the normal dance. Be careful what you wish for, we know nothing about what’s coming your way.

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