Put Yourself First


It’s okay to find someone attractive and not approaching them. It’s okay to stay online night long and not chatting with anyone. It’s okay to ask for suggestions and not considering them. It’s totally okay to present yourself as if you don’t care about anything and still examining everything to its minute detail. There isn’t always a reason for what you do or what you don’t. And you continue being the way you are. You talk to yourself, advice yourself, pamper yourself at times and also fight with yourself.

Your life is perplexing and ironical, puzzling and shallow, and you are absolutely cool with that. Because You don’t want to screw up your life by becoming a People Pleaser and risking everything that keeps you light-hearted. There’s nothing wrong in being open-minded and still preserving your traditions. There isn’t anything to be wrong about being a social worker and still not being too sociable. People often consider you a two-faced person. But this isn’t echt. Life is ironical, so as yours and everyone’s. It’s ironic how you feel most alive when your heart skips a few beats.

On your achievements, you feel happy and as soon as everyone gets to know about it, they ask for a celebration. On your failure, you feel sad and people start giving adverse comments. But while you struggle and fight for your good, they remain nothing but a mute spectator. You see, People are always there to give you extra attention when you don’t want. And beautifully they won’t give a look when you cry out for help. But do they feel rueful about that? Of course not. Then why would you?

No one came to make you a cup of coffee when you stayed awake all night studying to clear your back-paper. None walked along the path when you were struggling to hold yourself up. Friends come and go, Parents advice and guide you so, but your part has to be done by only you. No one comes to write your paper in the exam. Even if you will be provided with resources, still you have to move your hands. So, Buck up. By no means, you can keep everyone happy. One or another will always be there to question your action. Start considering wherein your Happiness lies. Why your personal freedom is overdue? Why are you still limiting your choices? Ask yourself, How can you make others happy without knowing what actually happiness is.

At the end of the day, it’s your life, to be lived by only you. You are not compelled to follow what others want you to. Be Rogue, but not to cause harm. Be ridiculous, but wise enough for yourself. Be you, but hold your ground. And that makes YOU.

By Puja Raj, India



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