Though obesity is a serious health issue, and there is a need to educate people to eat a healthy balanced diet, ridiculing and fat shaming is offensive and a sign of bullying. In a recent interview to Filmfare, Bollywood Actress Vidya Balan shared,” Years ago, I stopped watching my shots on the monitor at shoots because I would look at the monitor and be thinking, am I looking fat? Even at my thinnest, I have always felt fat. When I was a teenager people would tell me, You have got such a pretty face, why don’t you lose some weight?

As opposed to the general assumption that “Overweight people = eat a lot”, obesity could be due to medical conditions like PCOS, hormonal imbalance, etc.

Blame for fat shaming

Unfortunately, there are many sitcoms, movies and web series where fat-shaming is rampant. If you are still wondering what’s wrong with fat shaming, then let me tell you something. Constant messages regarding why a slim body is a sign of perfection are drilled in our minds through advertisements and internet which unfortunately causes low self-esteem. Insecurity leads to the misconception that being skinny is beautiful and vice versa. Recently, Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia retorted, “Fitness is a priority and not ‘fitting into’ society’s standards regarding looks” to a fashion magazine for an article fat-shaming her.

Being overweight during my teen years, I have always felt ugly, under-confident and ended up with low self-esteem. It took me a lot of time to love myself and accept the way I am. Self-acceptance is crucial. Instead of killing ourselves overlooking slimmer or a shade fairer, we should learn to accept ourselves the way we are.

(Pic Credit – MsChanadlerBong/IndiaForums)

By Sneha, India


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