Add little more life.

Adding more life,
doesn’t mean adding time
but adding more smiles,
 and reducing cries.
I know it is not easy,
but what’s the difficulty
when smiles can  bring tears
then why can’t tears bring smiles.
Problems come to wake you,
not to break you or shake you
to act like an eye opener,
to be solved with laughter.
Tears did  their job,
of cleansing the eye like eye drop
now its the turn of the lips
to  stretch and exercise.
The face gets back life
with the miraculous smile
and now you know
the problems are on the shore.
The hurdles  may return,
but your smile too is undone
to  fight for a new sun,
a new wonderous horizon.
Spread those little  wings
of your creative imagination,
to get the look of surrounding
and answer the questions
that continuosly keep coming.
The destiny too
changes with you
when you change destination
ask yourself strongly
Are you ready with determination
Now you have added life
with your magnificent smile

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