Mistakes are the mirror of righteousness

Everyone in this universe in someway or the other must have committed some mistakes😰

Frankly, i too have bundle of mistakes in my life and I still do!
But I don’t regret having made them as I hadn’t. Unless and untill  I didn’t them I wouldn’t have known how to make things right….

We breathe in past ! Many people see us! And we get  so involved that we tend to confine ourselves ! We think nothing would change ! We repent  on the mistakes that we have made 😫

But the truth is ,nothing of that matters , all that matters is what  you choose to be ”now ”.!!! 😎 And what you learn from your mistakes.

Why me ????? There is always a question that I don’t deserve it or do I???😟

I was good to others,  so do I deserve to be hurt??? Too many questions all  around but no answers😵

Remember good things come only to those who go through pain….

There are many odds there to call  you a ”loser”!!!! A quitter!!! But never ever call yourself so !!! No matter how dumb you were. .. when you commit those mistakes you appear to be losing through your mistakes….!!!!!

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