About that evening



“Tell me..You called for a meeting and is anything important?”

“Ya.. Important one..But…But..”

“Are you all right?”

“Yes.Am fine..”

“Fine then..The reason behind our meeting?”

Words trembled to come out of his mouth.Expecting some concern from her,he stayed unworded and both occupied the chairs opposite to each other in a cafe..

“This is my invitation,you should attend the marriage..”

“With pleasure..So what is his proffession?”

“He is a HR in leading IT company,his father and my father are childhood friends..” she continued to tell about him and his family backgrounds..
She took pride in doing so and somewhere deep in her heart she was lying to herself..

“Sir,your order” interuppted the waiter..

“One veg burger and a hotdog” he replied..

“Do you still remember my type of food?”

“Sort of..Why should I not?”

“Not at all..But remember,things aren’t the same and it won’t be..So try to forget them..It is good for you..”

“Good for me?? Nice to hear such conseling words from you..By the way,are you happy about the marriage?”

“Definitely yes.. No doubt in this..I am really lucky to marry a person like him..His
physic,charisma,breath taking look and above all his attitude would make everyone fall for him..And am so so lucky to have him..”

Tears where ready to fall from his eyes.He gripped the arm rest of his seat,bit his lips so hard and pressed his foot so as to prevent the flow of tears..

“Good to hear.. You are always lucky my dear..”

She looked up into his eyes and her facial expressions showed that she wanted him to tell the word “Dear” again..

“Don’t worry dear..I will attend your marriage..” he assured..

This time tears were in her eyes and she swallowed her emotions which was caught by her neck movements..

“Again this time I got your mind,I guess..” he paused..


“Excuse me Sir..Your order” interrupted the waiter..

“Yeah, thank you…

So you came to say something..” he continued..

“Nothing..I just came to say you are very good in remembering things..Thats all..” She bited the burger..

“I thank God! Atleast he gave me the power of remembering things..I will be happy with those memories itself.. Who knows,I would have been
the proudest man in the world,if I got the opportunity of holding the beloved hands of my lady.. Fortune favoured me Only in holding the
memories but not the person..”

“Don’t worry..Things will find their way soon and you will get a better one in your life..”

“But not the best one right?”

“I..I didn’t mean that way.. Look..When I have the capacity to moveon with life,then why not you?”

“I AGREE..You have the capacity to move on.. Infact it is a boon for you and not for me..And…And I know..”

“What you know??”

“You don’t show up what you feel..

Do you think am only seeing what you appear to me?

Definitely not..I can see your dried up tears,I can smell your emotions,I can empathize your situation and all of the above I can feel your
love on me,coz I KNOW YOU..I know you my DEAR..”

This time, unable to control,both cried aloud and he holded her hands..

“Am soory..I tried to control a lot..But..But I can’t..I can’t.. Can’t….” She holded his hands tightly and bought it near to her face..
He was speachless…All they wanted was to hold on for the last time..”

“Am not a lucky girl..If I was lucky enough,I would have got the opportunity of being your best half not someone’s better half…”

He took his hand out of her’s, stood up and sat near to her..

“Look..Console yourself..This is our fortune..Only a meeting and not more than this..”

It was more comfortable for her,this time to lean on his chest rather than just holding the hands.He pated her shoulder and both looked up
to each other’s face..A small smile glamuped with true love and a warmness of security was prevailing between them..He came too closer with
her,holded her chin and was able to feel her breath..She wanted him to come close even more and closed her eyes to feel the glimpse of his presence.
His head bent down and his moustache came in close with her lips..

“Sir,your bill” the same interruption..They came back to the originality..

“THANK YOU SIR..This time you made me to comeback to reality..” Paying the bill,they prepared to part away..

“Bye” she said..

“Good bye” came the reply.. Both looked eachother for a moment..


The crew applauded the scintillating and emotional performance of the artists..

“Well done my boy.. Amazing performance..Both did a very good job..Your 5th combo as pair,came very well..said the Director..

“Thank you sir.. Our pleasure..” they said..

The crew packed off..

“This time their performance was mind-blowing” everyone in the crew was amazed and felt they could be the real partners in life..

“Hey,this is my marriage invitation, everyone should come without fail..” he just gave his marriage invitation to everyone and this time
it was real and not reel…He came out of the studio to take his car..

“Hello Hero sir.. Congratulations..So how is your lady?”

“Hello,my partner in cine,she is all great and you should come to my wedding..”

“Definitely.. I will,my partner in cine..”

“Shall I drop you?How about your way to home?”

“Hey, no probs..I booked the cab..You carry on..Go and buy some gifts for your lady..” she gave some free tips..

“Haha.. Thanks for your advice..See you then bye..”

“Bye Hero sir..”

His car left and she moved on..

About that evening,was just another reel shoot for him but it was a real heartbrake for her…….

By Versha Ramani, India

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