Gender Based Violence; This are detrimental acts directed to an individual based on their gender thus resulting into a serious violation of human rights and a threat to the targeted individual. Recent research shows that what was thought to be only affecting the women is now a threat to the male side but it’s major effect still being felt in the female side hence causing more harm to the few affected males. With the female being the most affected, the concentration and focus is put more on them than on the males. Gender Based Violence can take different forms , that is; Child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation(F.G.M), Honour killings, Trafficking of sex or slavery, Intimate partner violence, Physical punishment and sexual, emotional or psychological violence (plan International). The Epidemic has been described by the World Health Organization as a global public health problem and a fundamental violation of human rights.

The forms mentioned above falls under four main forms; Physical violence; causes physical harm as a result of use of unlawful physical force e.g deprivation of liberty and manslaughter. Sexual violence; any sexual act done on an individual without concent that is;rape and sexual assault. Psychological violence; verbal insult and harrasment, Economic violence;property damage. This forms may take place in public or private places depending on which form of violation used. According to the saferspace organization, the epidemic is as a result of unequal power relationships between the genders in the society which is experienced in most communities. It is not a lie that the males have been given too much respect thus blinding most of them hence they misuse the respect given to them while on the other hand the females have been given a lot of focus and attention hence violation caused by them in most cases is looked down upon.

While the males are being considered as the masterminds behind the G.B.V, some females tend to take the advantage since they are protected. Why blame the males when in some communities it is the females who push for and carry out the F.G.M rituals. Why bring problems to your own life, when a young teenager/youth girl is found walking in the streets alone at odd hours with no stable reason. You fail to understand the meaning of the word decency with the crazy attire you put, you are risking your own life and no one should be blamed but you. Let your dress be your choice but what’s wrong with making it decent.

It is true to say that most of this problems are caused by us. We put too much focus in respecting and following worthless traditions instead of looking at the brighter side of life. We are still rooted into some normes and we are too primitive that we value marrying our young daughters instead of their education, we choose to mutilate them even after knowing the impacts of such acts. We are the problem as most of us are ignorant to basic rules.

The effects of this epidemic is very vast to the society and the world. It is true to say that the World Health Organization is doing a lot to the G.B.V but has not managed it’s effect fully since we are not doing our part to stop this. Let us educate the society on the negative effects of the G.B.V. Once educated, let us practise what has been learnt, don’t forget that intelligence is the application of knowledge and not knowledge itself. Create awareness through various platforms and share the knowledge you have. Those involved in this acts should be punished so as to send a warning to the rest. Lets not forget that the G.B.V is not limited to some specif people but it affects all.


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