THE AGE FACTOR Old-Blind thoughts!

Is experience really the best teacher?

Experience is the best teacher, one of the most common says that has raised many and is still being heard from many even in the recent times, we cannot deny the fact that old is gold unless we think otherwise. A lot has been running on mind concerning the say and on the other hand where did this come from, “IF YOU DON’T LEARN FROM HISTORY YOU ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT”?

It is believed that most wise people are those who are experienced, but is it true that the intelligent wise men are those with experience? In the Bible King Solomon was wise and intelligent at a young age, how was his age and experience a determinant to his wisdom? The human perspective and view on human factors such as maturity and intelligence is always based on the age factor, are we on the right track with this kind of mentality?
Put this in mind am not against the fact that with experience comes wisdom.

Most young brains usually fail to explore their true potentials especially in areas where ideas from all ages of life are welcomed this is because of this, “what does she knows? She’s only 24, what did the professor say about the whole matter?” So what makes you think the professor is right? Is it experience and what makes you think the teen idea is less efficient? Is it age?

If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it- basically this was directed to those who had some experience in one thing maybe a challenge. So am more free to say that if you don’t learn from experience you are doomed to repeat it. Definitely yes. The only light in this is that despite some experiencing certain things they still fail to learn from it, so experience is not a certainty to the learning aspect and environment. Don’t forget I said to ‘some’ not all. Has experience failed to be the best teacher in this aspect? But why?

Humans has and will always experience a lot of things, sad and happy moments all included but at the end of the day most will fail to teach themselves about the what they’ve learnt from the experience. Practically if one fails to teach himself about certain lessons learnt from experience then they are exposed into repeating the same mistakes. Maybe if a human tries to fly from a high point then he will find himself broken and maybe lifeless on the ground. He will learn from experience that humans can’t fly, but what will prevent him from doing the same mistake again? Is it (A)the experience or is it (B) him realizing that he lacks the wings to fly? Definitely it’s (B). So what am I trying to say, experience will only be effective if one teaches himself on what he has learnt from it. I don’t oppose the fact that experience is a great teacher am only making you understand that you are the greatest teacher to yourself. You only do what you programme yourself into doing.

They say they learnt from experience, I say study the society, note down the principles , stand your ground, live on the human principles and be a student at all times ready to learn, the difference will be the pain they underwent through the process as they made mistakes the so called experience and on the other side the applied knowledge of not making similar mistakes, at the end of the day both will have the knowledge of unlocking similar doors.

Wisdom, maturity and intelligence are not age based as we usually think. It’s also true that these factors are self made and inbuilt, no one will teach you about the steps of acquiring the factors, a self internalised decision made by one will lead to the gradual growth of these factors to ones life and the application of the same will be an indicator to this, how one operates. What’s your say on this? The old blinded thoughts!

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