The Chase


Our struggles are still on, mistrust and misunderstandings, misconceptions and misinterpretations as we get deeper and deeper into the hunt for the solutions. Are we really out for answers? What more do we want and what more can we create from the term modernity? The fact can no longer be hidden nor the light covered using a transparent glass sheet. The truth now lies before us with the cry for modernity still loud from our folks lips.

Time and situations have continued to create a rift between the two generations from fashion to gadgets to communication and language all considered wild by our own masters with the situation further repelling the bloodline separating sons from fathers and daughters from mothers. ‘You either fall in line to our commands or we make you submit to our orders’ remains the call and the words heard from each neighborhood. Then what do we do if our situations can not allow us apply the old golden rules?

Personally am still wondering and even more worried than ever to the situation that is continuously getting out of hand. Has modernity become a crisis? If yes then what was the main aim behind the improvements? Was it to cause our disturbances or did we exchange it for our peace? Is it an irony that it was to improve our lives? What do we have to do to fall in line with their expectations? Do we have to dress, talk or even uphold their norms? Truly the struggle towards getting the millennial on track is still far from being won and this is just a tip of an iceberg.

A keen study and deep analysis on everything leaves me with only one thought, we have not settled our minds into the reality nor accepted the system that has taken control over the land but instead chosen to fight the system that seems to be the new normal. Modernity is here with us shunning the negative aspects is important but trying to eradicate the situation from the society is uncalled for and a complete waste of time.

With many focusing on changing the long term narrative that has overshadowed the youth through laying down rules and putting up authorities in line with the situation, the expected results have over and over again failed to be achieved proving every effort made futile with failure to accept the situation being the main cause to the clueless lifestyle despite the thorough and deep research being carried out. We will never get a better understanding of everything if we continue to play our cards outside the game therefore the highly expected results will continue to redirect us into further research instead of solutions and the cycle will continue till we realise this simple fact.

To solve the problem in our environment then knowledge and in depth understanding of the situation is imperative. This will only happen if we wholly accept and embrace the modernity with the challenges that comes a long with it. It’s knowledge that will help us raise the solution but for a complete transformation then deep internalization and understanding of the situation must be the anchor to support the knowledge gained hence freedom from the havoc that has proved its superiority amongst us. Modernity is indeed a crisis and working normally to fix the situation is like chasing the clouds. We will never solve this problem using the old golden methods as this is a new challenge that requires new ideas due to the situation. A big difference lies between the two generations as what was never seen has now come to light, this is truly a chase, let’s not waste our muscles.

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  1. Modernity crisis and struggles, interesting topic worth reading, well spelt out solution to this but will we tame the situations and the differences or will the ego from each side continue blinding the society?

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