There is only one way to success – to be able. | Featured Post

The era of enlightenment is here. People start to dig into miracles of the Universe. Internet is overflowing with wisdom quotes. Most beautiful books are available for the masses. Psychologists are not trendy anymore; life coaches and motivators took their place. People are turning to spirituality and magic.

And still.

Well, let’s look at the other side of this, the reality.

Anna is so passionate about posting her best quotes on her Facebook account. She is searching for them all over Google and posting every day. Everyone thinking that Anna’s life is fantastic and she is brilliant. But you know, it doesn’t matter what wisdom quotes Anna is posting, because her life is shit.

Anna is worried about everything in her life because she is full of fear. She is searching for quotes like: “Fear doesn’t exist anywhere, except in mind” (Dale Carnegie). She is posting this quote but doesn’t want to apply it in her own life. Anna is depressed because life is meaningless.

She can’t understand that the meaning of life is only her responsibility. No hero will find it for her. Anna is looking for quotes about the meaning of life, and once again, she is too lazy, or too narrow-minded to think and apply.

Sister gave her link to a great website about mindfulness. “Hey, Anna, – she said, – Look, there is so much amazing and useful stuff for you to learn.” Anna went through the website and discovered that access to the fantastic stuff cost 60 dollars. Damn, thought Anna, I don’t want to spend my money on that. I am sure there is nothing I don’t know.

Anna doesn’t want to spend money on her development. Instead, Anna googled quotes about investing in your self-development and posted them on Facebook.

One day, the boy named David asked her on a date. She was so happy; it looked like love from the first sight. She went to the date and kissed David. But the week after David stopped texting. Why? She couldn’t understand. She texted to David, searched for the quotes of pure love, posted them on her Facebook. But David never texted back.

Because, Anna, before to fall in love with someone, you have to learn how to love yourself.

Anna is depressed and full of anxiety again. Mum gave her a beautiful book “The Genie Within”. Anna read the book, posted quotes from the book to her Facebook page, threw the book on the shelf and never got back to it.

Anna is constantly depressed, full of fear, anxiety, worries and doubts. Anna’s life is shit as hell. She is posting quotes on Facebook and crying.

The example of Anna is most of the people in this World. How sad, especially if we live in the era of enlightenment and doors are opening everywhere. Anna is the unteachable and unable person that prefer to post instead of learning and creating her life.

Anna is always assuming, doubting and complaining. She is depressed because taking responsibility takes effort. Her dreams somewhere ahead and they don’t get closer because Anna won’t let them. Posting wisdom quotes on Facebook that the only thing she can do.

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