Africa is a 3rd world continent with most of its countries still struggling with problems such as poverty etc. Due to this, our continent without a doubt has been despised and looked down upon in most cases. The biggest problem we have is that we accept this criticism made by the outside world and have raised ourselves to believe that we can’t. We are the enemies of our growth as we tend to think that the outside world has the greatest minds ever. We still don’t understand that the big difference between us and the outside world is the hard work, commitment and passion.

Let me refresh our minds with some historical facts that I hope we’ll motivate us towards taking a positive step towards growth. Many of the math concepts learnt in schools were developed in Africa over 35, 000 years ago by the ancient Egyptians who wrote and scripted textbooks about math concepts that included division, multiplication and geometric formulas used to calculate the area and volume of shapes. Math is currently studied worldwide. Did we forget about this? Do you still doubt our potential? Math is an ‘African property’, but now it’s widespread and one of the most critical subjects in the school and learning institutions in the world.

The CAT scan machine is one of the greatest African machine inventions of all time done by a South African called Allan Cormack. The idea was later developed and made commercial in the United Kingdom. Allan Cormack was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1979 for this inventions. The CAT scan, the electronic detectors and x-rays source are rotated around the body, and in the process, the radiologist gets a sharp map of the cross-section (tissue slices) of the body. These are one of the greatest inventions done by Africans. This only tells us that we have all it takes to get to our dreams and vision, but what’s happening to the young minds who should be leading us to achieve these dreams.

The CAT Scan machine

This is my view on the whole matter; LACK OF FOCUS by our young minds. When I talk of lack of focus it doesn’t mean that the problem is with the young minds, to me I think something is draining the focus from the young minds. And these might be the draining factors; Lack of motivation to the young minds; Motivation is a crucial thing in everything. If one fails to be motivated in what he/she does best, then the person may end up giving up. Example; this might be experienced when we tend to focus on imported goods from countries such as the USA, China etc. forgetting about the locally made goods that are also of quality. We underrate our selves and give credit to the outside world. Then how do you expect to see growth in our countries and continent at large when we can not support our ideas. #WASTED MINDS/BRAINS.

Fake manifestos by our leaders about supporting the youths has killed a lot of dreams with most young minds giving up their valuable ideas due to lack of finance and support by the society and the government. If the government and society keep the promises they give to the young minds then without a doubt, we will be heading towards creating the Africa we want to see. Lack of youth guidance and counselling forums concerning the challenges they have is also slowing down the focus in these great minds. When we ‘abandon’ our youths and leave them to work on their ideas and talents on their own then it might not be fruitful as expected, spend more time with the young minds, mentor them and share your experiences with them, motivate and make them realise everything possible. Let’s not waste these young minds.

If these minds are not supported, then we will fail in areas such as attracting foreign investors from the outside countries into supporting our ideas. Remember The American financial service giants; Stripe moved to Nigeria to help two young minds, Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi’s project PAYSTACK in a 200million dollar mega-deal. When promising opportunities are given to the young minds to work on their ideas and talents, then this can also be a reality in some youth’s life out there. Let’s not waste the young minds because they may be the solution to some challenges we are facing.
Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi
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Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi


4 thoughts on “WASTED MIND AFRICA;

  1. Africa is doubtlessly a great continent with great minds. A contintent overflowing with talent and creative minds. Africa could be a mighty power house in the world if only Africans chose to make it one.

    Among the many factors preventing us from having ‘The Africa Dream’ is the fact that the educated young men of Africa ‘export’ their knowledge to the western countries in the name of searching for greener pastures when Africa is virgin and unexploited. After learning that education is the key to success…why sell your success?

    After freely ‘selling’ our engineers to the western world our leaders come back to enslave Africa to Chinese investors in the name of building Africa. Why should Africa force a leash on herself when she is a master?

    #forget_the_American_dream_achieve the_African_dream


  2. It’s so sad that we have all it takes to make it as a continent, yet we leave our ideas to be exploited by other persons outside Africa in the name of looking for better places. There’s actually no better place than home.I agree with you that if the old minds would give the young ones support then we surely have a beautiful future bestowed.I hope this reaches many so that we are able to remove the blocks preventing us from sighting the difference that would have been.

  3. I love the way you express yourself and defend our father’s land. There are no limits to what the mind can accomplish if it’s determined. And African minds are not exempted.

    We need this reminder, and thank you, Max, for this timeless reminder.

    Great post.

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