Awake and home

Chance encounter, first day

Stolen glances, second day

Meeting unheralded, third day

Tentative smiles, fourth day

Clandestine gander, fifth day

Absence thunderous, the sixth day,

Seat in my heart, taken, I see.

Should have sought her out, I know,

Follow, to her den, must have

But fool I am, abeyant went my heart.

Hours long are days now,

Moon clock, longer, lonely,

For all but me, time-wheel rolled.

Sun aft sun, pain dulled

Love for you faded, I reasoned,

With everything I am, but no, oh no!

A quiescent volcano, I didn’t know,

Simmering and flowing, dormant fire waiting,

Living dead, three long years

But today I see, sea blue eyes,

Blinding smile, sparkling bloss.

To your warmth I walk, through rain so cold,

I hold on to the only truth I know,

Sealing our lips, feel my heart drum,

A torpid beast, awake and home.

By Poornima Pravarthika, India

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