It’s me – frustrated af!

may standup for my friends 

Where they don’t do ‘t for me,

I may be a crybaby

But i make others people laugh, 

I may have strength of character 

But trust no bitch,

I may have the ability to work hard 

But there lies my laziness, 

I always take stubborn pills,

I may not gonna apologise for the- shit they said

But am warm-hearted, 

I gain leadership everywhere – cause 

Of my comforting energy,

I always help people to calm down,

And put their perspective back-but 

None do it me,

I basically don’t care of people 

Until am attached to them,

But none care for me,

I always sense others feelings though 

they don’t relive it to me- but 

There is no one to sense my feelings!

I may be a forgiving person 

But i don’t forget, 

My only possessions are my memories, 

I’m self- sufficient,

Don’t try to control me

Am the master of my life!

By Indhu Isha, India

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