Love in the wilderness

He put his strong arms around her

and she melted in his arms.

Happily free.

Love lifted us up where we belong.

She felt his love and energy burn

around in her body.

We come this far.

She felt safe as he surrounded her

in nature’s own wilderness.

Like a flower she was blooming

where the clear winds blow

where the eagles cry

on a mountain high.

She touched a thunder of his odyssey

of his terrible night.

She caught the edge of the knife and it hurts

when she cut the petals off from the flower.

Eyes wide shut and it feels like the first time.

Before the rush to her blood hurts too much.

Only the two alone against the

dangers of darkness.

Only the two alone against the

longing for love.

Only the two alone against

forbidden love.

His eyes told her about sorrow and pain.

Her eyes told him about a unknown sea.

He makes her do things she thought

she should never do.

She becomes a slave to his lovemaking.

They cannot remove each other’s heartbeat.

They throw away each other’s time.

Hope they will be happy in others’ arms one


They spend a lot of time on a battle

that is already lost.

They tear each other’s world apart.

Their hearts bleed and their

souls have caught each other.

They have given each other’s life to eternity.

Let’s be lonely together…

-Because, their strength of love nobody

dare to disturb-


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