LOVE MYSELF. | Featured Post

Don’t tell me bout your feelings
I just wanna love myself.
I’ve been through rough tidings,
And nobody was out there.
Y’all call me selfish
All I do is give myself up
All I get back is bullshit
And you telling that it’s worth it
Coz you love me, huh?
All I feel are knives stabbing
I can’t breathe around you
You drain all the goodness in me
You are annoying, you keep hitting
Buh we both know you can’t break me
Don’t tell me bout your feelings.
What you feel is dead to me.
Don’t say you love me.
I know that’s plain shit.
No I ain’t down for your shit.
You could just walk right past me
Outta my sight,outta my life
Never missed you so it won’t hurt..
This is time out, this is “get out”
I could use the space
Just to love myself.
You could never love me,
Imma love myself.
No more self blaming,
Am out of second chances,
Loving on imbalances,
Giving too much for nothing,
All that in the trash.
Incase you still doubting…
I don’t really care
I gat you outta my way
I am in the clear….
Can you smell the air
That’s me loving me….
harder than a heartbreak
Is how imma love myself…



By TheMisfitCode, Uganda


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