series of happenings

braided into single sequel

miniatures of outgrowth

evolving as children of either stepmother


the newly wedlock couples

Being axed either or the survival of programmed automation’s

streamlining as uphills or down folds

passerby’s molding them by their sensory mechanism’s

a few getting affected or defected

the aggregation of each

individuality preceding as crown bearing ceremony


the funeral of an orphan.

For everything upholding its fixed hours of chamber

to them per nth hour

is their either burial or the lush green arena

rods and cones go shut off

vessels and nerves get dilated

folk-men pitch up the tones

forelimbs pick up organic particles

vocal chords spit out arrogance

acts of them plot to strangulate

on a five-way surface area of earth

slots of red pigmented viscous fluid get spilled

sacks of air packs are released in the air


“soul is returned back to the eternity”.


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