Stand Alive

peering through the heartache
willing once more
to take the chance
to open myself
to life
to love
to being my everything.
Throw caution to the wind
dancing in my underwear
around the kitchen
using a spoon as a microphone
sure I have terrorized the neighbors
if they are home.
Once I fell short
of some perceived notion
carried in my head
that I was to be perfect.
Once I did damage
hurt myself
with pure intent
not to kill
only to burn out the pain
shutter the nightmares
piercing my brain.
Wound myself within a cocoon
pulled inward
go away
a wordless shout
leave me to bleed
I must sort this out myself.
Peering forth
peel back the dry womb
a butterfly ready to begin anew.
©September 8/19
Picture is my own.
Matlock Beach Canada 2019

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