You have forgotten about the power invested in your hands,

About the energy stored in your mind,

Then what do you use to move your life,

When you’ve thrown the key behind your back,

Here you are standing at the door,

Waiting for someone to open it wide for you,

How will you get in, the key is behind your back,

Here you are thinking about trend,

You’ve forgotten about being authentically you,

Here you are leaving your path,

Working too hard to paste yourself in the other fellows page,

The story of your life is nothing but an empty sheet,

More of a frozen hope to those who believed,

Do you really have the power to move,

When you’ve forgotten about the power in your mind,

How’s life being a duplicate of the so called ‘celebrities’,

Is it more fun than running your race,

You’ve forgotten that you are unique in your own way,

A great mind that could build and rule his own camp,

You are wasting time setting your goals,

When all you do is admire the rich man’s watch,

What do you have to defend your goal,

When all of your energy is directed towards rocking the streets with rumor,

How will you realise your dreams,

All you think about is the trend that lives,

You have the power to change it all,

What can I do to change your life,

When you are the deaf driver qualified to drive the bus,

Rise and make a start,

Pick up the key thrown behind you,

Open your eyes to see the light ahead of you,

Command your life and see it bright,

You’ve got the power the mind is all yours,

The Command control system is all in your reach.

Owino Maxwell Gad.

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