Victory at doorstep

Let the breaking dawn,
be the bestow
of your landmark goal,
from where you learn to know
and struggle to grow.
For reaching the new high,
before the sun rise,
you captured the ease
to feel the warmth of sunlight.
Now when the vast sky,
is ready to shift day from night
You shall find
new yourself and your life.
In the journey,
you will have hurdles for company,
and friends like difficulty
to test you
and your preparation too
to see how much focussed are you
can you pass challenges through.
So now pack your confidence
and the intelligence
for you need both
to overcome the lies and myth
Enjoy each twist and turn
so that the way too becomes friend
and travel like a king
to experience everything.
If you are ready for all this,
then your about to reach success.
For you were never away from victory
It was just a game of destiny
which you were playing
Every now and then.

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