When, I fell in love again.

I fell in love the second time,

Those tweey eyes, tiny feet, and tenderness,

The cuteness, took my heart in awe,

I wrapped him in my arms with great gentleness.

My little girl, had filled my life with colours,

And, God bestowed me the happiness again,

Happy surely was I, sceptical too,

There was a whisper, will I fall in love again?.

Things were going to change,

From three we were going to be four,

My only one, was going to be elder one,

Excitement was at peak, yet anxiety had its grip.

Finally when the little wonder arrived,

He took everyone by stride,

Nervousness vanished and heart melted,

And A new chapter started.


Image source   Pixabay

BY Archana Mulgund Chappar, INDIA

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