College Reunion

They couldn’t hold back their tears. It was their college reunion. And life had moved much forward. They now had grey strands of hair, college-going kids, weight issues, emi’s, and unending duties and responsibilities It wasn’t a carefree college life anymore.

Meet Natasha, Suma, and Rama. Natasha is Director in a multinational company. Suma is a banker. And Rama is a Homemaker. As they parted ways after their graduation there was no looking back for them. Misunderstandings were there, yet they shared a very strong bond, with beautiful memories embedded in their hearts.

When they saw each other at the reunion, memories came with a flash, making their eyes wet. Now, they felt how on earth could they fight for trivial issues and stay without being in touch with each other for 20 years.

Yeah, 20 long years is a long time indeed.


Their graduation course brought the three souls Natasha, Suma, and Rama together. It was an instant connection and then the story unfolds for them. They were just perfect with each other.

They giggled, roamed around the campus, did some illegal bunking together, ate together and even studied together. This beautiful friendship was a reason of envy for many in the college. Amongst the three, Natasha had big dreams and was really ambitious. Suma and Rama always gave wings to her dreams and were on board with her, for all her aspirations.

They were merrily passing their days. Their favorite spot was Ajanta cafe, just beside their college. And the corner table with a huge window and outside a pink blossomed bougainvillea in full glory marked a perfect ambiance for the corner table. And this picturesque and mesmerizing space was their favorite spot. And coffee tasted heaven in each other’s company. Sipping this hot beverage had become their daily ritual. Two years passed so soon. They were seniors already. The question of what next started bothering them. Natasha had started preparations for her MBA entrance. She had joined a coaching institute. And it was there, Mayank became her friend. After a few days, he even became a part of their coffee table. With his entry troubles started brewing between the three. Rama and Suma weren’t very happy with the increasing closeness of Natasha with Mayank. They felt he is not the right guy for her. Both of them tried telling this to her but in vain. Natasha felt Rama and Suma were jealous of her. She started avoiding them to meet Mayank. And then on, more silence was felt and coffee didn’t taste better either for any of them.

Things worsened with time and these best friends started drifting apart Natasha’s cold attitude towards Suma and Rama hurt them. As exams were round the corner they kept everything aside and focused on their studies. And things had changed in just a few months. And they never met after their examinations.

Natasha took up an MBA from a good institute and was campus placed. Rama was married off within a year after her graduation and Suma cleared banking exams and was recruited in a bank. They all moved with life but often recollected their beautiful college life.

20 YEARS LATER: College Reunion

Bees Saal Baad read the invitation. Yes, it was a college reunion invite. They were excited. But remembering the abrupt ending of a long friendship brought a pang of pain to each one of them.

And finally, when they saw each other in the college reunion, they couldn’t hold back the tears. Natasha was carrying the guilt for 20 years. It was she who broke the ice, hugged them and burst into tears with an apology.

The moment had to be captured. It took some time for them to realize what was happening.

As they say:

all’s well that ends well”.

The 20 years anger had busted finally, it was all shout, scream, fight until they dropped.

And suddenly Natasha said, to calm our nerves and get fresh we all need our cuppa of coffee. Hey, come on let’s go to Ajanta cafe she blurted. Things at the cafe had certainly changed. But for them, coffee which never tasted better these 20 years suddenly felt heaven.

Friends may drift apart, but the Friendship song in their hearts never ends.

By, Archana. Mulgund Chappar, Bangalore, INDIA.

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  1. This post is really meanful. ❣️Reunion is a great concept. Every one is fascinated about it. It is very significant in an age where technology is not prominent. Nowadays we can’t say we depart too far. Because of social media, we are updated. In your story the circumstances is different. There will certainly be some clash among friend. But time takes everything away, bringing the same prosperity once had. The story is beautifully narrated and concluded. The concept of love and togetherness is prominent. The inclusion of “All is well that ends well”, the name of Shakespearean play is very apt to the context. Enjoyed reading the post.💓💗 Happy blogging 😊🥰

    1. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and share your thought.
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