Got My SOUL!

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I was doing my UG first year, it was at the end of November 2016, when I got a message request and friend request from him! At first, I couldn’t find who he was really. Since I didn’t know who he was I didn’t accept his request, then later I came to know he was my SENIOR in my school days, by checking his profile for more than 10 times and by asking my school friends and came to know he was my senior when I was studying 9th.

Then I accepted his message request on 22 NOVEMBER 2016. Since I accepted his request on a late night I didn’t chat with him! The next day 23 NOVEMBER 2016, he texts me saying “Hi Sis”. Then we conversed for the whole day, we shared our secrets, I know its weird to share personal to unknown though he is my senior we never spoked to each other before in our school days. We chatted till 3 am, which insists we spoke for the whole day. I’ve never spoken to someone like that but I did that with him.

From the role of sis he promoted me has his friend and referred me as a baby , we came to know what we both Like and dislike. Three days passed away , it was 26 November 2016, the day he proposed me but he said it was just for Verification (since he had a fear that I may stop talking to him, this was reviled later to me) I replied I’ll accept , still know I wonder Why I said like that.

I was an angry bird and blocked all who proposed me but I couldn’t do the same to him! This showed me that I had a crush on him ♥ Then on 30 November 2016 I said my crush to him. Then days went just like that for a week! Then suddenly he said he won’t talk to me anymore, I was getting mad and fully frustrated, this started on 3 December 2016.

We didn’t talk to each other for ONE whole day, then on 5th December 2016, he texted me asking sorry for what he did. And that day we both realized that we both were in love with each other♥ 6 DECEMBER 2016 we both “proposed to each other at the same time ” it was really a miracle! Though we proposed to each other on chat it was a kinda wavelength. After that, we celebrated our first Valentine’s day ♥ .

We seriously had lots of fights in between, we were like TOM & JERRY, we fought often, even on silly issues, but we still kept on loving each other more than the previous day. Here I openly accept that I was the angry bird :(, he asked sorry whenever we fight, though it would be my mistake he used to say sorry and convince me. The year went just like that! We celebrated our birthdays together.

It may be a journey of just two years, we made lots of memories, we have been too HONEST to each other through it’s a Long distance-relationship we still stay honest! It’s the second year running of our relationship, but still, we didn’t meet each other, we just chat, make voice calls and video chats♥ . We don’t want to meet right now and lose each other in our life so decided not to meet!

People make think how come you people maintain the relationship without meeting. And my answer is I don’t wanna lose him in my life, we still stay honest and love more than every yesterday, love doesn’t ask to meet, we can still love our loved one without meeting them ♥ we fight like idiots. In a week we used to fight for five days, and make our love still stronger than before, for the next two days. This may be considered as stupidity…. , since we are stupids ♥ we fight and make love all again!

Love has changed my life, he is the only one Whom I TRUST BLINDLY, after my parents. And he is my best friend too ….he calls me dude, getting a lover who calls his GF as a dude is just 8th wonder of the world 🙂 And I got that 8th wonder of the world ♥ I’m lucky enough to have him as my life partner. I taught him that Love comes on soul and not on beauty! After falling in love we both changed a lot we started to concentrate on our future and goals together. And we are still working hard to reach our goals! And continues my story………..


Thank you all for reading my love story. ♥

With love – INDHU

By Indhu Isha, India

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