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People come across our lives and tend to leave without knowing much of their reasons.

It was 17 years ago when a child was born without seeing the most important people in her life.
Well, she didn’t make any comments or anything. Simply because she failed to understand big things in a small age.
She was a child who grew up without her real parents but was carried and raised by a couple whom she considers as her savior.

It was then twelve days after her birth she was left and was intended to be sold for a reason everyone is to hate the most. “I need money”.

Almost everyone will hate seeing a mother selling her own child because she needed money.

“she isn’t my daughter”

Knowing the fact that the father of the child was not her husband, the child was then, ‘unwanted’.

Almost everyone in the neighborhood seems to predict the child’s future. Some say she’ll not succeed in her endeavor, she’ll fail, her life will be miserable, she is gonna be a stubborn woman, she will be nothing.

It is always easy to judge since they just do not know everything.

The child was supported by the couple very much that she was sent to big and private schools and always try to bring up the best of herself. However, there will always be people who will bring others down because of envy. But instead of pulling herself down too, she resisted from the negativity that others would bring.

She succeeded in her endeavors and most likely, she engaged more in her passion although sometimes, her family would argue with it. She considers that ‘lack of passion is fatal.’
When we want something, we always take risks and do everything for it.

She was a child left unloved but she was raised to believe in love.

I just want to tell you that most of the time, we shouldn’t read back a story. It is always important to read the ongoing pages rather than doing a back read. It is just a waste of time.

The past should never define the future.

It is a matter of trust and belief in yourself that your past isn’t a hindrance to your success.

I did not fail in my endeavor.

But I may fail but I will rise.

Life isn’t meant to be miserable because it was made wonderful.

Its just probably you who don’t see it.

I listen and understand, it didn’t make me stubborn.

Once we take things slow and we understand each other, I believe that nobody is going to be stubborn.

And most of all, nobody should be called ‘nothing’ because all of us are meant for something.

She was I. And I was She.

By Isabel Sy, Philippines

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