The 3rd World Memoir Menace

Maybe this is only a delusion from the melancholic engulf overflowing from the information that I have deciphered and gathered from the words that were hidden in everyone’s walls. The frozen view of what was contained in the ice had began to glow after some light was put behind it and maybe this words were one of the dross that had left most of us dumb with nothing good to say.

Even after many years of what we termed as independence and freedom few of us still felt that we were locked in dungeon where the ‘no light state’ had become our new normal. Trying to find the door of no location in that state was like chasing the clouds as each day we all had to accept life as it was and maybe engage ourselves in what we once termed as the inhuman principles but are we to blame? Our children grew up in the same condition and unluckily that’s the only life they had to cling on because the other good life which we ought to have was nothing but a fairy tail. They grew up knowing that the path we had taken was the actuall and the only way and were actually joining hands to the Swahili say ‘mtoto umleavyo ndivyo akuavyo, isitoshe mwana hutazama kisogo cha Nina’. How could the parents train their children to do what they themselves were not doing? The millennial were very ready to pass down their ‘Rich traditions’ to the next generation and the cycle continued.

It was and it is very difficult to model the already grown attitude and character that became the eye and light to most people. Reaching the Everest remained a dream even as our brothers made the site their new home while we were down here satisfied by the scene that was down here. I can’t tell if my conclusions are right, are we really satisfied or do we have some other reasons to why we are the spectators of other peoples growth, we only watch from the side never interested in the gold that was gifted to anyone who was ready to work for it.

Will the black nation Africa really rise from the enchanted sleep? Will we continue to survive in our lands- the land of milk and honey? Despite having a clearly spell out constitution and laws governing each individual in an ‘equal manner’ why do we still feel entangled and ensnared in pits enshrouded by confusion, pain and struggles? Are we honest to ourselves when we say we are free? Did our independence free as from chains or was it the presages of a more disappointing slavery. Was independence our prerogative?

The sun rises each day and we still feel that our dreams are so far from our reach. We still sleep hungry each night with everyone still struggling to make it to a ‘class of comfort’, financial freedom still being a dream to many and those with the power to raise us from the depressing conditions of our misfortunes blinding us with illusions a bag full of promises that we only see flowing down stream after we cast our votes never to see such a rare opportunity again. It’s more encouraging when we speak to ourselves and conclude that we can, yes we can, our lands are rich, the promised land that was our dream has become our permanent site but why do I still hear murmurs, were we supposed to smile after the so called ‘independence’. The irony of the current conditions leaves me sceptical and worried with many questions still ringing on my mind, ‘If this is not our dream Canaan, then WHERE IS OUR CANAAN?

3 thoughts on “WHERE IS OUR CANAAN?

  1. A saddening piece

    I have a glitchy view of Africa rising, however very slowly.

    We should however remember that we do behind such articles is what will determine if we’ll still rumble in this mud 10,20,30-50 years later !

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