Every 31st December evening’s, during the new year’s Eve celebration, most people always tend to make their resolutions around this time. We are always afraid to move into the new year with some few challenges faced during that year. We therefore make crucial changes as we plan for the new year. During this time their is always some positive feeling in everything we do, it is this glimmer of hope that tend to support and push the resolutions we make. This is always the best way of starting your year according to some people. Having a detailed plan containing your goals for that specific year can be a motivating factor as the year goes by. This can be one thing that will push you towards working on your goals but do everyone value the so called new year resolution formula?

Basically life divides/put people into different levels where we have the haves and the have not. The haves in most cases will use terms such as, I need to buy this, I have to do this etc when making their resolutions while the have not in most cases use simple sentence as their resolution for the new year, ‘I need to have a stable source of income and this is the year to achieve this.’ It is true to say that ones achievement at a particular moment is another persons dream on the other side of life but at the same time frame. This clearly depicts the differences between the two worlds. In most cases , the have not won’t even care about making the new years resolution as most of them have no hope to a bright future with only few standing firm to their dreams.

The haves vs The have not

Every human, young or old, lazy or hardworking, poor or rich always have a dream goal that they wish to achieve in life but in most cases not all will achieve their dreams due to various reasons. It is true to say that no one has the power to choose which family he/ she will be born in or who will be their parent when being born. We always end up finding ourselves in a family with the respective background. To succeed we must first be contented and thankful to our respective families, that is the first step, Accepting your background good or bad. Finding yourself in a penury state is always considered a misfortune by most people but this should not worry you. It is not your fault that you are born in this state. The big question is what are you willing to do to change it. In Africa this is always a normal as most people are always born in this state of indigence. For one to achieve the dreams from this state, then a high level of hardwork, resilience, passion and courage should be effected. Other principles such as patience , honesty, focus are also imparative to this journey. Being born in a state where there is ample resources is always a blessing and that is what most if not all believe.

Most people born in poverty tend to remain rooted in the same position because they fail to believe in their abilities and capabilities. They believe that their future is already decided. It is true to say that all hope is lost at this state. To them their dreams are dead. Here is where we find that most of them would rather seek for an easy way out e.g stealing to make a living instead of focusing on how to revive their hope and dreams, patience to them is like a dark past where some of them are not ready to endure the struggles encountered in the journey towards making their future. Suprisingly on the other side, the haves are struggling on how to make more and are even more hardworking than those in penury state. This is shocking but it is a fact that won’t be changed if we the poor don’t rise with passion and start working towards achieving our dreams. Let’s not forget that everything is possible but our choices, attitude and level of hardwork will make the difference. Poverty has shattered dreams of many simply because we allowed it to as many people have given up and lost hope in their dreams. How will we revive this hope?

To every parent both the rich and poor, ensure your child goes to school, support the child’s talent and ideas then finally potray the spirit of hardwork by practising the term. Let the child know everything is possible, most people have made it from humble backgrounds, Ben Carson being one of them. We can eradicate poverty in our society when we accept ourselves and our state, have a goal and work towards it, live a life where progress is seen as this can be a motivating factor. Finally trust in God the almighty, everything is possible. Let us revive the hope and build the future we want to see.

BY;Owino Maxwell Gad

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  1. When the student is ready the teacher appears …..the journey started with a few micro steps which many if not most of them thought that the divorce plan began on the marriage …that we were not here to stay ..but it is beyond reasonable doubt that we have made it from armature writers to wizards in writing ..I wanna congratulate you for a commendable job ..keep the fire burning

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