To my “Swear to the Bar” guy

​I never knew when it all started. You’re the guy that I kept on staring from the distant. Until one day, We became so close like I can share my secrets with you.

And there you are, you always listen to my endless talks and bizarre stories. You truly understand me. You never questioned my behaviour and all. You’re the type of guy who knows how to listen. That’s why I appreciate you that much. I never knew that this feeling will grow so fast. Maybe because you lead me toward your own piece. Even if there are a lot of people questioning me, why you? Why not my usual type of a guy. I always respond with a smile.
Telling them that maybe because you’re different. You’re consistent. You kept on telling me that it takes time but you always surprised me of your words.

“I’m beginning to like you”
“Even if I already want to sleep but I want to talk with you”
“Because you’re too kind and beautiful”

Those are the words that maybe complements my feelings for you. I realized that I need someone who is consistent and will express how he appreciates me even I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world. Even if I’m not that smart and even if I don’t really fit your standards.

Just wanted to tell you that I’m comfortable to open up and talk anything about my life because I know in the first place that you will not judge me. I do really like it when you give me nicknames and you want that it’s only you who will call me like that.

I know how devastated you were this past few months but I can see that you’re gradually doing the right thing. I can see the progress in you. Perhaps, you’ve been hurt in your past relationship but I’m happy that you’re not returning that pain to anyone. I always remind you that pain will not give you any license to hurt someone.
Remember when I told you that I do respect your situation right now and I don’t want to rush things. You told me the same way and you said that you wanted to be a better person once you enter in a relationship again.
But I wanted to tell this, not because I like you but as a friend — When you feel that the world is so hard on you, the world is being unfair to you and when you have a rough time, remember that I’m always here for you. A shoulder to lean on and a friend who will never get tired of listening to your stories and rants.

My hands will remain still to give you a hug even with the thinnest phase of your life. Even if it’s 3 in the morning, I’m always willing to listen. Without any second thought. I know you’ll be a better person and when that day came, I will be the happiest person on earth because you made it. You just never tried but you overcome it.

Maybe right now, we don’t have any label.
We just know that we have feelings for each other. We will allow that to grow gradually. We’ll not rush things. We both know that it’s a little bit hard but I assured you that I’m willing to wait for you until the day that you will be totally okay.

I will wait but if we are really not meant to be,
I’m willing to accept it because life is like that. Not everyone stays with you and stands with you on the same line. But for now, you can always count on me. Swear to the bar!

By Jane Kirsty Jazmin, Philippines

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