When Life Happens…

Life is, after all, full of uncertainties and risks. You never know when things change even though they appear to be constant. And this is my story, writing out loud. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when it was too late. It’s the thing that affects your ability to effectively socialize and communicate. A very rare disorder.

I’ve suffered too much in my childhood. At the age of a mere 6 years, I wanted to kill myself. Things never turned out to be in my favor.

I am a victim of domestic and mental abuse since I was about 4 and till now, not as frequent as the past but still happens sometimes.

The school was also a living nightmare. Since I had social anxiety and people can’t understand most things I say so I found it pretty difficult to maintain a conversation. Actually conversation is not even a word for me. I couldn’t even communicate without getting a success.

I almost killed myself with pressures that caused my body nearly to fail in high school academics and curriculum. I thought I wouldn’t make it, but I did it. I helped myself get through hell. Now I graduated from college and proud, but still unstable and insecure and sometimes still want to die even when I actually have superior abilities than others. Still can’t speak fluently to people, but I’m better than the little me.

I have 7 cats that my mom adopted without my permission, now they’re my duty. I have to make money to keep them alive even when I didn’t want them to come to our home, but now I love them, I won’t abandon them, unlike what my mom did.

Now I have to deal with the house and work hard to pay the huge debt my mom left behind. I love her, and those cats she brought. I’ll do anything for the cats, they’re the only reason I’m alive.

People left me, I’m a loner, I got hurt a lot, I got cheated hard, but I’m here, I’m still here, walking and I’ll keep walking.

By Spysabrina, Taiwan

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2 thoughts on “When Life Happens…

  1. I got through the cancer and that’s where is my life happened, just straight after. Sad that we are understand it only through suffering and pain. Should be the other way around.

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