A Man and a Leopard



              There once lived a man in a dense forest.  Deep in the forest where no one could reach or hear him. No one knows who he was, and how ended up living there. He did not even remember his name. He never smiled or cried or talked. He strayed in the forest, slept on the trees, drank water from the rivers and ate whatever he could get. His hair was long and tangled, his skin was rough and mud clad, his almost healed and new scars on legs and hands described of the many falls and solo adventures he had. His face was dark, nose was sharp and eyes devoid of anything. They were just 2 black round balls running from one corner to the other- always in search of something. But he was a free and wild spirit.

          One day while wandering, he met someone- someone who was as lonely as our man- the spotted leopard. The leopard was orange in color and had brown spots all over. He was wild and was his own master. They just looked into each other’s eyes for some time and there- an instant connection was made. 

       The leopard followed the man all the time. But our man was hesitant. He could not trust an animal so easily. After all, the leopard was wild. Wild animals are so dangerous and could not be predicted. But the leopard trusted the man and wanted to be in his company. He wanted to be friends with the man. He shared food with the man. Guarded him all the time and kept him safe for all times.

       Gradually, the man began to lend his trust to the leopard. They made an odd but “kind of” happy couple. They lived for many days, months and so on. They both got used to each other and got aware of minutes of the other. 

       But as days passed, with deliberate careful moves, the leopard began to change. He cautiously began to exert pressure on the man. He started to force the man- to go per his wishes, to follow his path, to obey him. That made the man uncomfortable. The man did not see that coming. It was with great effort that he finally trusted the leopard- but the result?? The man started losing his freedom, his time, his happiness and his true spirit. He wanted to free from the reigns of the leopard. But how? By now, the leopard grew stronger and stronger and the man- weaker. He lost his true self and identity. The man thought and thought about a way out. 

      The man and the leopard had to travel a lot when finally the man decided to trust the leopard. That was the turning point. It all started when he started trusting the leopard- more than himself.  It all started when he decided to take advice from the leopard. It all started when he decided to walk the path the leopard asked him to. It all began when he started fearing the leopard. It all started when he surrendered himself to the leopard. That was it. The man decided to make an effort.

        The man finally decided to trust in himself more than the leopard. He decided he will make a change in the situation. He remembered the times he was free, how he roamed about the forest without anyone controlling him. He gathered all his memories when he could survive all the years through hardest of the times – ALONE. He focused on his abilities only and completely ignored the leopard. He no longer feared the leopard. He made this his daily ritual and the result? The leopard grew weaker and weaker and the man- STRONGER. 

        The man was in his free wild spirit again and the leopard- the man’s FOLLOWER. The leopard never grew stronger than the man. They both lived in great harmony. 

Hope you enjoyed the story. Now, to take you further deep, imagine that “THE MAN” in the story is “YOU” and “THE LEOPARD” – “YOUR MIND”. Read the story again.

Making sense, Is it not?

Now, Do I make myself clear?

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  1. ON TLA

    ♧ DAT – Diversity Acceptance Tolerance
    ◇ TAP – THINK!!! Analyse Process
    ♤ PAT – Passion Aptitude Temperance

    …and, of course, PPS (Peace Patience Solitude); it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Suggest stay In STEP (Serenity Tranquility Equilibria Placidity) and PAT YourSelf on The Back when NoOne Else Seems to Be Doing So…


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