I’ve been extremely busy planning my wedding, it’s been fun yet challenging we’re also looking for a house, completing counseling sessions with our Pastor, getting his business up and running consistently while dealing with unprofessional, lazy, whiny, smart aleck men who go to work telling the boss what they will and will not do as soon as they arrive (usually late and hung over from the previous days activities) putting My David’s gig at risk and WE’RE NOT HAVIN’ THAT! We’ve had to fire an employee refusing to follow directions he’s been blowing up my baby’s phone for days trying to get his job back and finally after a week he was humbled enough to accept and follow the rules so my David set up a meeting with him to meet the following day to talk but he never showed up so now he’s OUT!! FOR GOOD!!

We’ve been looking for a house for months now, we saw a beautiful one with plenty space but it fell through and I was a little disappointed but accepted the decision the owner made because I KNOW THE GOD I SERVE AND WHEN HE CLOSES ONE DOOR HE ALWAYS OPENS ANOTHER ONE!! I’ve learned first hand over the years to not doubt God nor His inner workings in MY LIFE. We were turned down on Monday, and on Wednesday we were riding the motorcycle to our marriage counseling session with our Pastor when we saw 2 homes for rent owned by the same person so I wrote number down to call the next day. I did call the owner the following day to set up a day to see the house and we set it for the coming Sunday.

We hit it off well with the owner from the beginning, the bible says “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly. Psalms 84:11. When you walk uprightly before Him according to His word even when you stumble, as long as you get back up and repent He will continue to bless your sincerity and here He did that very thing. The owner is an immigrant from England, we talked of how he’s surprised that Americans are falling for this Socialist agenda the Dems are pushing these days, he moved from England because the government ran the lives of the citizens like a dictator with crime and poverty rates the highest it’s been ever AND YET WE ATTEMPTING TO ADOPT THAT AGENDA HERE IN THE UNITED STATES, UHHHH NOOOOO!!!! My David and I really loved the house, we actually love it more than we did the first one we saw, it’s not as big as the first one but it is perfect for us and of course God knew that all along.

There were others looking at the house so the owner promised to call us later in the day as to whether we’ll get the house or not so as we waited we decided to go do an estimate for a potential construction job for friends of ours and while there we received the call from the owner of the house stating “he would be honored if I’d rent his house”, I thanked God before thanking him for giving us the chance to rent this house. We are so happy to finally be rid of this issue, it’s been quite challenging but we were determined not to give up. We prayed together concerning the house God blessed our efforts and dedication to Him and His word. He’s faithful to His children and knows what’s best for us, He rewarded our faithfulness because we’re determined to honor our upcoming marriage by sustaining from sex until our wedding night, we pay our tithes and offerings FAITHFULLY, we minister to men and women addicts, alcoholics, and prostitutes in jail weekly, and attend bible studies with AA/CA members every Saturday.

We’re busy doing the Lord’s work and He’s busy with ours, He’s blessing us so much right now that we have no room to receive. We were blessed with a washer/dryer THE NEXT DAY after getting approved for the house, I was talking to a minister friend early Monday morning, he’s a plumber by trade and went to work on a house where the couple was ready to donate the washer/dryer to Habitat house, my friend suggested they donate to us AND THEY DID 6 hours later so my friend delivered it to the house yesterday hooked it for us and now we’re set. God has always blessed me in 2″s. I mentioned that in one of my previous posts and He just proved it in a matter of a couple weeks by blessing me with my house after 2 separate showings, (there’s those 2’s again).

My David prayed for 2 months before knocking on my door to plead his case, he came by 2 times prior but I wasn’t home, he told me I was going to be is wife the 2nd day after we initially talked on the phone, we looked for rings 2 weeks after that putting them on layaway but 2 days later he got them out and placed the SET ON MY FINGER SAYING IN HIS HEART WE ARE ALREADY MARRIED! We were turned down for the first house on Monday and Wednesday we saw the 2nd house we wanted to rent AND THAT 2ND house we were approved for, WAS THAT NOT GOD WORKING IT OUT FOR US OR WHAT????? HE SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT AS USUAL HE IS OUR KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS OUR JEHOVAH JIREH (OUR PROVIDER)!!

By the way, on the same Monday I was at work and received a call from the office asking me to come for a meeting, when I arrived they gave me this cup to drug test me because a co-worker whom I was developing a friendship with or so I thought told them I was doing drugs when he came to relieve me of my shift. I took the test willingly and excitingly and PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS, I knew I would pass,  but my thing is that if the co-worker had any concern or questions he could’ve asked me while I was there in his face instead of going behind my back calling the office. I was more hurt than angry because AGAIN I thought we were cooler than that after all, I trained him when he first started and offered him my food and drinks if he didn’t have any with him that day, I greeted him with hugs every time we saw each other and THAT DAY I offered my food to him before I left work for that day and he does this to me, WOW!!!

It’s all good though because I knew I had nothing to hide, I don’t hold grudges. it’s against my nature, it’s not necessary because the bible says Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord God and I will repay says the Lord of hosts so I will let Him avenge me and my reputation with my job. Thanks to my co-worker I’m now wandering if they’ll ever look at me the same again or will they want to test me more often simply because the seed has been planted. That’s the problem with unsubstantiated claims, once they’re out there it’s done and over with and no amount of correction or apologies will fix it, PEOPLE LOVE TO SEE OTHERS FAIL. That quickly Satan tried to throw a monkey wrench in my blessings from God but IT BACKFIRED, THE LORD ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN!!

I had to cover my co-worker’s shift today, I can’t help but wander if he decided to change it because he couldn’t face me or if the job thought it would be best considering the circumstance, either way I’m OK with it, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I will not let Satan stop my blessings by holding bitterness and unforgiveness in my heart towards others, it’s not the JESUS WAY of living this life and so I forgive him but I will never forget. I’m so excited for the next chapter in my life, my wedding plans are coming along great, there are no BRIDEZILLA moments at all, we’re just waiting for time to past before our BIG DAY! We’ve been working hard on our individual issues and struggles with help from our Pastor and other married Christian couples married for a long time and it has helped tremendously we’re connecting on a deeper level now, understanding each other, and learning how to communicate with each other better than we had been in the past.

We took a marriage survey before our first session and we laughed at the results because they’re so accurate and we’re learning things about ourselves we never known before. My David is such a blessing to me, he supports me 100%, he’s been supportive of my therapy for PTSD I had an emotional breakdown yesterday while bringing him lunch, he just held me quietly as I cried for 15 minutes straight until I pulled myself together long enough to go home. I felt so much love from him in that moment I am a truly blessed woman and I promise the Lord I will take care of him as my husband forever!! I hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day, I celebrate Independence Day every day in Jesus Christ, through His blood by dying on the cross I AM FREE and the word says, “He who the Son sets free is free indeed so learn to enjoy your freedom in the Lord.

He has given me a new beginning in life now and I will take FULL ADVANTAGE by ridding myself of past hurts, pains, and betrayals through forgiveness from God. A new beginning is within my reach I must continue to evolve and change into the kingdom woman God has made me to be for my kingdom husband, I must continue to run this race in life God has given me, the good and the bad of it, I love my David with all my heart, he’s worth the effort and worthy of my love as I AM HIS, HOW EXCITING!!!  Let the words of my mouth and meditation in my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord my strength and my redeemer. BE BLESSED MY PEEPS FOREVER AND A DAY


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