Analysing Why Rapes take place in India!

I had been selected for a survey regarding Analysing Why rapes take place and life after rapes… So here’s a short writeup summing points up:

1. Why do rapes take place?

Rapes, though, are an outcome of an impulsive act, the genesis lies in a deeper vicious circle of faulty and negative conditioning, skewed upbringing in the society, lack of education, unemployment, peer pressure and exposure to undesirable content through social media.

2.How can Girls, boys, and society be changed:

The change has to start at the level where each parent sensitizes their sons towards women, make them empathetic and instill in them the concept of equality of boys and girls.

It is the initial discrimination in the society instilled in the male child which makes him distinguish himself as the superior sex and the female to be subservient to him physically, emotionally and economically.

Secondly, but more importantly, it is imperative that the girl child is groomed to be economically independent and emotionally strong to sustain an independent existence. It is only when girls who have till age suffered due to their economic and physical dependence on their male wards, can now have a strong footing if economically independent. The fear of being rejected and divorced had led the woman to bear the injustice, discrimination, and ridicule. But as she now is equally educated, empowered, she faces the world with new confidence.

3. How does media play a role?

Accessibility to media had until now had been restricted to television and newsprint, but with the increased exposure to internet-mediated social networking and the availability of all literature at the click of the button accessible at all levels is proving to be debilitating for the psychological mindset.

Researches indicate that pornographic content on youtube, movies or any other visual media, is desensitizing the male youth and making them unable to handle or channelize their instincts.

4. What can Police, Law do?

There are a lot of laws formed in favor of women but it’s needs proper and speedy implementation. Delay in justice is justice denied. As mentioned in “The Washington Post”, dated 29 December 2012, ‘The country has about 15 judges for every 1 million people, while China has 159. A Delhi high court judge once estimated it would take 466 years to get through the backlog in the capital alone.’

Radhika Mishra, India

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