Breaking patterns

We live in a world where men often tend to secure themselves first and then, destroy others. We have been a race of hunters and poachers and thus this habit developed in us, of spearing our own class too. We can often be encountered blaming patterns for our own created problems in life. We appreciate heavens for good things happening and at the same time, blame them for not listening to your prayers.

No matter how strong and fortified a man becomes, there are some feelings that they are incapable of coping with. Be it the feeling of sadness or anger or love or jealousy; it is good to accept, we cannot be free from them.

From morning till the sun goes down, we bind ourselves from fixed patterns of our lifestyle. The pattern tells us to wake up in the morning and sleep when the stars appear. The same pattern tells us when to work on our own norms and when not to.

This pattern is mostly adjustable and thus, often confused with the concept of the comfort zone. We chain ourselves to these pre-defined set of rules to such an extent that we end up losing our originality.

Bruce Lee once stated: “we must be free from the patterns that are set for us. Nearly all fixed patterns are incapable of changing.”

This pattern is known by very different names in our daily lives; sometimes time-table, sometimes God’s will and sometimes the religion itself. The pattern sets our view for all Islamic, being terrorists and all politicians, being corrupt. It is this pattern only that brings conservatism to the society that prefers sticking to the fact that women can’t fix gears and men can do anything.

This fixation sometimes inhibits our creative growth and affects society too. You could have been a scientist, but you read books that are actually strictly based on CCE pattern. So you will always end up getting struck in diagrams and never find another way to learn it. You could have been a successful writer, but you kept staring at the bookshelf of a store, thinking all stories are already told, and that, too in a better way than me. You will end up in a loop of obstruction that is nothing, but a creation of your own mind.

I do not advocate breaking old rules or ideas. I say not to follow them. Your rules are yet not created. You are yet to set yourself free. You are yet to Breaking patterns.

By Tej Pratap, India



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