Corruption; Lets face it

So last week, I came across an article on corruption and its negative consequences on Africa, of course there will never be a positive side of corruption.The article sparked an interest in me and i thought,why not also write on it.So here it is.

Corruption has become an almost common name on the daily media.”Wanatuibia ! Wanakula pesa yetu ya maendeleo ! “You might here the common man say.

Yes, Corruption is very detrimental to the economy and to our continent but have we ever stopped for a minute and thought who are the most corrupt people ? We are. Stop reading this for a minute and just think of the last time you gave a bribe ! We deceive ourselves by pointing to leaders who have embezzled nation’s funds ! A perfect analogy would be that of a man who points at the speck in his brother’s eyes and yet he himself has forgotten to clear the log in his eye ! HYPOCRITES ! Thats who we are !

Sin is sin there is no greater sin

How then should we kill corruption ? I heard another folk of mine in the parliament suggesting that we should pass a law that immediately prosecutes all corrupt officials.Will that work ? I doubt.

It is very imperative that that we understand that every leader out there embezzling millions and millions of shillings was once a kid, growing and most importantly learning ! it is amazing how kids learn a lot of stuff just by interacting with the immediate environment. Personally I grew up around a corrupt system ! Everyone is corrupt,even my own parents ! Corruption will always have an effect on how you think about it ! I mean, if if your father bribed at traffic officer for over-speeding then why shouldn’t you ?

This all boils down to the power of small habits;Atomic habits(Read this book by the way)atomic habits around only small and easy to do but also the source of incredible power .Bad habits will always repeat themselves again and again ,not because you don’t want to change but because you have the wrong system for change

will never and can never fight corruption by prosecuting and jailing offenders. It all starts with you ! It all starts with you.No, thats not a typo, in fact ill repeat it . It all starts with you.

Only if you stop being corrupt at a personal level then can you consequently managed to free our system off corruption. According to Kofi Annan, “If corruption is a disease,then an essential part of its treatment would be transparency.”

Sum it up, Wrap it up , Now what ?

  • Your key takeaway here should be to build habits that disband corruption ! Peace !!!

Author: Gitahi Johnson

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