Don’t pity the sexual predator!

Don’t pity the sexual predator!

Pity is an expensive emotion, please don’t waste it on feeling PITY for the child sexual predator, they CHOOSE to ABUSE innocent children. Save your compassion for the stolen and lost children!

Paedophilia is a choice! A choice that goes Against GOD’s LAW.

I’ve been watching and reading around perceptions and perspectives regarding peadophilia. Some claim that are born this way and the perpetrator can’t help it?Others claim they can help it and that it is a choice. As a professional that has worked with both victims of abuse and also exploiters or perpetrators of abuse. I’m adding my voice, with a true story to back up my opinion.

To set the record straight – Are they born this way!!! The answer is NO NO NO. They’re not born this way. They enjoy tormenting and damaging INNOCENT CHILDREN, ANYMORE!

We are all born the same.

Just as the social worker insists that the battered wife chooses to live with an abuser. (which is incorrect but thats another story) So too does this concept apply to paedophiles and sex offenders. A rapist CHOOSES to rape, a murderer CHOOSES to murder and a paedophile CHOOSES to ABUSE children. A drug addict chooses to continue their habit just as the sex offender chooses to rape! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE CHILDREN ANYMORE!

Moreover, they’re ripping these children out of a loving mothers arms, and handing them to the other abusive parent!

Father’s for JUSTICE, is fathers for revenge! How does this group get inside buckingham palace? Ask yourself, how can they break into the most secure place in the UK. Is there a connection going on here or what!! Have you ever seen the mothers for justice do that!

Master manipulators are far more cunning, they use everything to ensure you will stay silenced and remain stuck in a dysfucntional situation, they brainwash, gaslight and victimise their vulnerable prey. They even use the poor little (50 shades of grey) orphan sob story to lure their prey!

It’s a CHOICE. Like all addictions are a choice. So the flat answer is no, they are not born this way. It’s a choice and they DO CHOOSE to abuse children. Just as the rapist CHOOSES TO RAPE! They are the epitome of master manipulators.

Victims of this abuse are broken, but they can be fixed with help, the predator on the other hand in INSANE and cannot be helped or saved. Let them rot in hell where they belong!

They ARE fully aware that their behaviour is illegal, bad and morally incorrect, thats the reason why they do it, for the rush! They choose to abuse because they enjoy the thrill – claiming they are born this way is an excuse and a damaging one. Children do not ask to be abused and any one who holds this view is bascially revealing their belief and quite possibly, their mask! Could they be defending this view because they engage in this behaviour? Enabling and Allowing this insidious crime to continue!

Even the christians who abuse children and believe they will be saved are in for a shock!

Children should be protected, not abused! Sexual abuse and sexual violence is the leading cause of devastating mental illness, the victims of this immoral crime are affected emotionally, mentally and behaviourally. And mental illness from being abused can also be the denominator for self harm and suicide!! These victims suffer with post traumatic stress, flashbacks of their abuse and terrorising nightmares. The sentance of being abused by an adult creates mental illness in the developing child, some are lebelled again, with derogative titles such as ’emotionally unstable’ or ‘personailty disorder’, and mental illness is stigmatised, yet the psychosis they suffer was a projection from their ABUSER. So the victim is abused and rejected AGAIN, by a society, that prejudices mental illness. Victim blaming a survivor, creates further discord and damage to the victim. The truth and need for compassion lays with the victims, NOT THE PERPETRATORS.

Children are vulnerable and alive with excitement and adventure thats what makes them so attractive to cowards. They are easy to terrorise and blackmail and their vulnerability is easily exploited, paedophiles are the ultimate COWARDS, just as the vulnerable woman or a young girl is easily explioted and SOLD by a man on the hunt to satisfy his sexual urges.

Paedophiles crave this the vulnerability and the ease of blackmailing them into compliance makes their tactics all the more insidious, they crave the thrill that knowing what they do is wrong. This knowing what they are doing plays a huge role in the reward benefits to dopamine in the brain. They know that harming them feeds their need to feel alive and they don’t care who they hurt!

They play a game. An insidious one, but be assured. They play a cruel and insidiously abusive game. The game is to get away with their behaviour without getting caught. The same game abusive spouses play to terrorise and abuse their spouse and family.

For victims who have survived this abuse – The best thing you can do for yourself when someone is trying to reopen healing wounds is to turn the sword back against them. When they say things like you asked for it, or children asked to be raped!! WTF. Don’t react, don’t respond becasue theyre really trying to get a rise out of you, What they are actually doing is revealing their shadow and letting their mask slip. The sword is the word, and turn the sword back onto those who condone this immoral act. After all, only an abuser would seriously say that children ask to be raped? Why else would someone have this thought! Secondly, why would a decent human being accept such insane behaviour!

They are master groomers dominating all fields of humanity, schools, work places, colleges and unfortunately in the law house! The social workers are doing all they can to tackle this crime, so blaming the professional is conduicive to understanding this insidious disease. However, im certainly not saying all social workers are innocent – they’re not! Some are even rippimg children off innocent, nurturing mothers because of their own insidiously sick mind!


Some say they can be cured through the NHS programme! Again, this is debatable. And I disagree to any cure. Paedophila is INSANITY and INSANITY Cannot be cured! Period.

Here’s a true story about one offender and the damage they can cause!

A sex offender was sectioned and had his sentence extended because he kept saying he would re offend if he was released! He was moved to another hospital and here he started to PLAY THE GAME. He began to say he was better and he was not going to re offend. The psychologist on the board believed him.

He was released from his sentance and within 15 minutes of leaving secure care. He raped a child!

(Clearly the cure failed?)

The psychologist was devastated for her error of judgement and (being abused or used by the sex offender who was playing the system) committed suicide as she couldn’t live with herself because a child was raped and she felt she was accountable!

So this story in itself evidences that they can and do PLAY THE GAME, as this is how they can GET AWAY WITH OFFENDING AND OFTENTIMES…. MURDER.

I hope this post helps to clear up some people’s conceptions about abuse and those with the authorizing power to take this crime. Seriously!

By Kelly Bristow , England

12 thoughts on “Don’t pity the sexual predator!

  1. I’m agree with you may don’t ever feel sympathy or feel pity for sexual predator because many children lost their future and make children used to be traumatic.
    I hope the punishment for sexual predator is death pinalty or lifetime prison to give them deterrent effect

  2. Do you have a citation for a study on sexual violence leading cause of mental illness? As a victim services professional that would be important for me to have for writing grants.
    I think we need to exam control as it leads to power in these cases. Grooming is a control tactic, allowing the perp to extend power over their victim, it’s not about sex.

    I feel like I am missing a news event that sparked this article as I am in America.

  3. I think child abuse and sex trafficking is happening in churches, schools, foster care, juvenile detention centers (not all perhaps but many of these institutions have knowingly covered up abuse). It’s sick and pervasive. There are countless “missing kids” and a secret underground network for these monster pedophiles. It’s not a disease even though the New York Times publishes an article asking for sympathy for pedophiles, it is a criminal choice.

  4. The choice that they make it to cross the line of decency, and obviously, do not respect the life or autonomy of another. Any type of abuse, against anyone, young or old, is something that is intolerable in a civilized society.

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