In God’s Perfect Time

Admit it, we all came to a certain point wherein we no longer trust the period of waiting for the perfect timing and for our perfect break in our career or academics. We felt like, the things that we want to achieve will never happened. We are always waiting for it to happen; waiting to meet the right person; waiting for our dreams to come true; waiting to surpass every problems that the world thrown to us. However, even if we get that in uneasy way, we should never be frustrated. Why? Because “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”.

No matter how long we’ve been waiting for it, we should never lose hope because God has a perfect plan for us and if that day came, it would be more perfect than the way we pictured it out.

Giving up is not a solution. You need to hold on a little bit. You need to remember, that this waiting period is part of the process. Never underestimate the God’s plan for you. Maybe, you will wait a little longer but believe me, it will be all worth it. When that day came, you will be grateful that you waited for that long.

I know how hard it is to wake up every single day and feels like you don’t know where to go at all. I know how it feels so weary waiting for too long. I know how it feels that every time you close your eyes, there’s a voice telling you to give up because there’s no reason to fight anymore. BUT PLEASE DON’T.

Because I know, the day will come that another voice will tell you to continue loving life and keep on holding on because you will get to that point where you will realize that everything you went through is part of your journey.

It doesn’t matter how many times you failed. You just need to get up and remember that every mistakes and struggles you have will make you stronger and wiser. Well, it’s not easy going uphill but when you reach that point, all those trials and problems you encountered will always serve as a lesson learned. Never forget that all those trials are thrown to you because God knows that you’ll get through with that. You can do better. The pressure is in you because it will bring out the best in you.

I know how painful the waiting process is. Sometimes, we wait for that someone that we don’t even know if they’re coming back. Sometimes, we wait for too long to become what or who we are 5 or 10 years from now. Sometimes, we wait for our big break in our academics because we felt like if we fail, we don’t only failed as a student but also as a friend, as a daughter/son and as a brother/sister. Waiting will test our self-esteem, patience, confidence but after the waiting period, everything will be at the right track. Again, GOD HAS A PERFECT PLAN FOR YOU.

Hang in there little fighter. Believe in yourself that no matter how hard it is, you will get there. YOU WILL BE THERE. Before giving up, always look back for reasons why until now you’re trying and waiting for it. Always think that you’re almost there and not you’re too far from getting there. No matter how many times you fall, bounce back fighter and never be afraid of trying again. YOU GOT THIS BECAUSE YOU HAVE A GOD.

Never lose hope because there’s a beautiful outcome that awaits you. I know you will never get tired of waiting and taking another chance. Always hold on to God’s perfect timing.

2 thoughts on “In God’s Perfect Time

  1. “God has a perfect plan for us and if that day came, it would be more perfect than the way we pictured it out”. This is the only hope that lead us for more hopes and better tomorrows. You narrated it beautifully. Although waiting is a painful task, believe in ourself and God is yet primary thought and wanted. Great post.💖😍👍

  2. EveryOne Bothered Actively Listening – Our Life Here is Hell, Paradise/Heaven, Limbo, Purgatory ALL on Earth whatever Our Belief Dictates, Religious or OtherWise; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity AfterLife is UnCertain So Be …♡♡♡…

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