Is humanity Falling?

Humanity is facing extinction and we are responsible for running it into the ground. The brutality of human behaviour when things don’t go their way or when they don’t get their own way, causing suffering and strife, the ripple effect of individual entitlement, whether that entitlement is physical, financial or emotional. The beast is within, within each of us, and we’re destroying each other through brutal words, cruelty, threats to sue, threats against each other because of our own ignorance and self-righteousness. It’s crazy really, when you step back and see the true conflicts between the two sexes, nation pitted against nation. Man against woman in the battle for survival! For superiority!

The world runs on one’s individual perception of entitlement and want, greed and lust rule the human, there’s never enough to fill the endless void and compassion is being destroyed. C’ohm’passion is god’s love, is it fading into obscurity?

We live in an instant gratification society, where needs are meet immediately, the social media, fast food, the family values are all being smothered by people wanting and desiring more and more, enough is never enough, the quest for more is endless, people desire things, objects, as opposed to desiring true values of the family, of life. valuing things rather than valuing people, relationships and life. Placing more value on how we look rather than WHO WE ARE!

Mankind is at a critical point in humanity, man and woman fight against each other, because their demands and expectations of their choice of partner doesn’t live up to the fantasy they expected them to be. Conflicts arise from prejudiced beliefs. Misery breeds from unfulfilled desires, placing your worth and value on the response and approval of a mate, on the external world. Expecting someone or something to be responsible for your happiness! Without taking any responsibility or accountability for your own actions or inactions!

Man does not own woman, or this world, man is in it. And Man needs to live in BALANCE and HARMONY with mother earth and nature. Duality is the balance of opposites, in the physical expression of man and woman, so too does the sky balance with the earth. As above, so below. Heaven and earth living in harmony. Humanity should heed the laws of nature, and learn to live with the land, as opposed to living in their own bubble of ENTITLEMENT!

Humanity is polarity, the physical expression of the spirit within, and yet we observe a duality of hypocrites with double standards, women will march and walk to defend their honour, yet find no fault with murdering and devouring the sentient beings of the animal kingdom. She will advocate and fight against man who rapes and murders, yet has no problem with consuming the creatures that are raped and murdered for her own consumption and greed! This is not superiority, this is not equality! This is double standards of hypocrisy! The meat she consumes for her feed to satiate her greed, yet she shouts blasphemously at her fellow human counterpart for treating her fellow women this way, that’s insanity! That makes woman no better, bigger or superior than the man who pillages and rapes woman? You can’t scream and blame at men for abuse while munching on a steak! Vice versa for men, chomping on the animals of the earth!

Men and woman are meant to live together in balance, a balance of opposite essences, just as the earth and the sky exist in harmony. The sun and the moon fluidly change to adapt to new seasons. The snowfall of winter brings cold chills to the air as mother earth rests from the tiring nine months of her work. The spring brings a new dawn, a new harvest to be sown. The summer sun glows to bask on the earth to nurture the crops, ready to be harvested in the fall. Then winter returns, where mother earth rests once again.

The human woman grows the new child for nine months, just as the earth cycles around the seasons to nurture new life. So too does mother earth nurture her crops on the land. The balance of nature is reflected in the physical woman OF the earth and the women IN the earth.

Man is the keeper of the land, the protector, and man is not of this earth, he too is in it. He does not own it, nor does he own woman! That’s man’s own ignorance to his superiority!

For aeons, woman has been enslaved in chains to mans need for greed and control, and this is evident is the way man not only treats woman, but also how he treats the earth, and the other inhabitants! The sun and the moon work together in harmony, and neither is more superior to the other yet their roles are as powerful and necessary for the other to exist. The sun is the masculine, that shines in the sky to light the day, the moon glows at night, to illuminate darkness and follows a waxing and waning, as the cycle of woman too follows the days of the moon.

Woman is not superior to man, and man is not superior to woman. The two must learn to live in harmony together and balance the two worlds of duality. Of light and dark, of love and hate, of right and wrong, to balance spiritualty with physicality. Two opposites must learn to work together to bridge the distance between two worlds. Heaven and Earth! we must learn to Nurture nature.

Humanity has lost its way, humans have become so consumed in their need for entitlement and greed, amnesia has taken over their senses, their morals, their spirit within is suffocated beneath their hunger for more more more more.. Balance is the way to harmony in both the physical and spiritual sense. Yet the battle on the outer is fought on the inner!
Your fighting with yourself!

We are spiritual beings having a human existence, we are here to learn, to embrace and to live, to enjoy, to explore our individual uniqueness. We cannot exist without each other. So why keep fighting against each other! We are equal in spirit!

Without woman, there is no child, therefore there is no son, no boy and no man. Without man, there is no seed, and no child, no species. Without each other….. Our species will become extinct.

Humanity is falling! We as a species are failing, unless we stop the senseless brutality of separation and segregation. We are doomed!

By Kelly Bristow , England

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