Finally have started my blog after a lot of contemplation and if you are anything like me, Confused and Indecisive, you would have also pondered a lot regarding what your first post should be. Well, a chance encounter of 20-20 biscuit advertisement in TV the other day, gave me enough fodder to contemplate and the impetus I needed. A girl was trying out a few dresses in a mall when her father asks, “Isn’t it a little short” and the mother exclaims , “Dress choti nahi Hoti, soch Hoti hai”.

No dress is indecent. Wearing clothes is a personal choice. Stop shaming our body and clothing choices. Why are we constantly asked to “Cover” ourselves? If you are trying to protect us from “Unwanted attention”, then please try to understand that the length of our dress cannot be seen as a measure of our consent .

How am I responsible for the action of some “potential creep” who is going to stare at me for wearing a short dress? Please DO NOT teach your daughters to wear “Decent” clothes. When you tell us to cover ourselves and dress decently, you are damaging us and a million other girls by SHAMING us. Instead, teach us that CLOTHES are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Rape, molestation and other abuse. Anyone can be sexually assaulted under any circumstances irrespective of wearing a saree or a bikini.

I remember an incident in school , when my friend’s mother was called regarding uniform’s length. The teacher tried justifying her irrational demand by stating she wanted to protect her from “Unwanted attention”. Instead of teaching boys to not view girls as sexual objects, my friend was shamed and “taught” to wear a long skirt to prevent men from staring at her. Moral Policing young girls and women has become a norm in our society! People say “Men will be men” and it’s upto us to protect ourselves by dressing “decently”. All I can say is , such regressive thinking is ingrained in our society which strips our freedom to dress as we please.

So Dear Family, Society, Well wishers , Moral Police Brigade and other Interfering busy bodies,

Next time if you tell me to dress up “Decently”, I am going to ask you to shove your Moral Policing up your **** !

By Sneha , India

13 thoughts on “IT’S MY CHOICE!!”

  1. Exactly what all the girls out there often feel like saying and society so need to hear… hopefully your post will definitely change a few minds on this….well done girl….❤❤

  2. I agree Sneha, but it will take time I guess.
    I would like to share an incident with you, few years back when I was working in Dps as a teacher, dress code was announced only for lady teachers. sari (decency) was declared as dress code . Some lady teachers reacted that dhoti / payjana kurta should be male teachers dress code. But it was just a joke.

  3. I quite agree, its not about clothes, if clothes were an issues I guess at least women in sarees and suits would be safe. Unforyjately they are not, too. So clothes are not an issue. Men are!

  4. I agree with Sneha and this moral policing is patriarchal over the years. The truth is they fear women freedom which they hide by throwing this idiotic moral myopic view. The problem is how we view a woman. What about a naked statue!

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