It is true that at times we humans misunderstand a lot of things. It might be also true that this writing maybe as a result of the same ordeal. Maybe I misunderstood some aspects while making a critical and an imperative analysis about life in this aspect. Anyway living in the middle of a society has always left some questions ringing in my mind with some still unanswered and on the same breathe I have always learnt a lot from the experience and exposure to this kind of environment, an environment where one gets to meet many people with different background, opinions and ideas about one thing or the other. An environment where one has to accept and adapt to a situation where not all will view and give opinion to what you want to hear or what you believe in, not all will consider what you do as good, of cause in some situations or let me say consider the methods you use as the best. Some will generally consider you as bad without any apparent reason.

In the current world there is rank in almost everything most of which are made by an individual depending on how they view the situations. It is true to say that some of this things doesn’t deserve to be ranked if one carefully studies their specific origins e.g in a Christian religious set up, can we really rank ourselves based on the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, can we really say that person x is best when it comes to praying. Can we ? Such analysis are void and shouldn’t even exist. Surprisingly such cases and situations are always natured by we the members, it is inbuilt. At the same time not all will accept this fact. It is also true that we all know and can identify the wrong from right but in such a situation one will choose to embrace the wrong and blindly nature it as right. Where does this whole term ‘Religious rank ‘ come from? A growing Christian if not powerfully rooted to the word and the application of the same will always love to be noticed or let me say praised, sincerely speaking who hates being praised, I know we all expected that kind of reaction, didn’t we? It is a human nature to feel good at this rare moments. We end up craving for the same leading to religious devotion going beyond an honest living and practises caused by desperation, the thirst for being praised, Religious Obsession.

Obsession is basically an extreme, unhealthy interest or compulsive preoccupation on a fixed idea or emotions. I can say its a strong desire of something without clearly thinking about the steps of acquiring the intended goal. Surprisingly those suffering from this kind of predicament will rarely accept the fact that they are victims of the challenge. It’s like one is under a magic spell that won’t easily set him/her free. Is that really surprising, no way most people always expect such reactions from the specific individuals. According to Religion are traditions stressing the divine grace, the inner certainty or attitude of love granted by God himself. Religious Obsession is therefore fulfilling the religious devotion beyond the normal way/ beyond an honest living and practises. It can be characterized by;
1.Worries about salvation – doubt about Gods salvation in their lives

  1. Lack of comfort in steps taken, in how one operates
    3.Fears about sins that are not yet committed
    4.Seeing evil in almost everything
    5.Confinement in some dressing and speech interaction
    6.Rejection of some people based on beliefs and self made doctrines
    All this characteristics always lead to change in attitude and behavior towards people and some things, desperation which leads to individuals setting goals which are uncalled for instead of worship. Ones focus is directed towards small things instead of directing it towards the main purpose. Is this kind of action really as a result of faith?

Britannica describes faith as the inner attitude or trust relating to human beings to a supreme God. A strong belief in something. The results of having the true faith is inner peace, comfortability in what one does, hope instead of worries, complete trust and assurance of Gods love and grace which is inverse to obsession. In which category do you Fall into. In whatever one does unhealthy obsession should not be the force that pushes one towards some specific direction and destination. Avoiding obsession generally requires one to create time for him/her own self, having a clear understanding of the specific topics and issues e.g religion and also having a mentor, one who will sincerely guide and correct you. Take time and analyze your faith, your lifestyle, your relationship to God, are you holding on to the true faith or is it the mistaken one caused by factors such as Religious Obsession? The answer is with you, take time and conduct a self inspection of your self on the specific area and find out what’s driving your religious life, Faith or religious obsession?

4 thoughts on “THE MISTAKEN FAITH;

  1. Positive obsession can at times be a driving force for some people. I’m not pious but i agree with you, religous extremism and obsession will only drive you to misery.At the end you realise that God is the same to everyone.To the sinners.To the righteous.And to the non-believers.

    Clearly addressed piece !

  2. I agree🤝🏻nowadays in the mordern world the bad is the good and the good is the bad…a simple act of kindness or generosity becomes embaracing while acting rude is the new ‘cool’…Everyone needs ro reaccess his/her self and find his/her own strength..Have Faith in the right things of life and overtake obsession..i Believe that True Faith placed in the right things can actually be the medicine we all searching for🙏🏻Keep up the good work Bro💪🏻👌🏻

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