More Human, Less Humanity

More Human, Less Humanity


We are living in an era where we believe humanity to exist. We talk about humanity. We think we are the most developed and sensible species on this planet. We think we are more responsible for everything. But is it true? I don’t think so. We know, we are lying to ourselves but we always try to pretend that we are the most developed and sensible. Maybe, we are the most developed species on this planet with technology in our hands, but we are moving toward the end of humanity.

We never feel offended when we use someone for our means and purposes. If someone is being kind enough to help us in our hard times, that doesn’t mean he/she is a fool. However, if we not stop thinking like this and taking advantages of people, we might use someone and their humanity for personal greed, but what next? It is expected that he/she will start thinking and realizing that people only remember them when they need them, not otherwise. Maybe because of your greed, someone would stop caring for other genuine people too. To me, this is not good for humanity at large. We need to think about this, what we are doing and how our actions affect humanity.

As a survey, I did a social experiment. I created a Facebook account without a single picture of mine. I started talking to people and asked for friendship. Later, they asked for my picture and I sent some random pictures of boys, whose skin color was not fair and they looked ugly (according to people). As I observed next, most of them blocked me, because the pictures I sent was not good and up to their expectation. If he/she doesn’t look like the way you want, that doesn’t mean they are not beautiful or they don’t have the right to live.

“Beauty is not in Face, it is in heart”-DR APJ Abdul Kalam.

Adding on I would like to say

“if your heart is pure, beauty automatically lies in you”.

They are also human beings and they have every right to live and be how they want to ( It is not something gender specific, but very common). This is not good for humanity that you only talk to people and choose people according to their color, caste, and clothes. It may not affect you but it will affect humanity for sure.

We are moving towards emotionless society. Our elders and senior citizens are forced to live in old age homes. And we already started treating dogs and other pets more important than our fellow people. Whenever we get a chance to talk about this on social platforms, we become more humane and sympathetic to the issues.

However, we all know that reality is different on the ground level. What are we going to offer to our coming generation by this attitude? We know, what we are doing is wrong but still, it’s happening and on a broader level. With this attitude, we are entering into an era where machine and animals would look better than humans and their rationality. This is not a small issue. We all need to think about this.

I have been seeing pictures of black boys/girls on social media where people use and troll their pictures for memes. What if someone’s skin color is black and their body size is not slim? They don’t have the right to live? Making fun of them would and should never be justifiable. They are human and deserve equal love, support, care and respect in the society. If you look beautiful/handsome, that doesn’t mean you have the right to insult or humiliate others who look different. It may do nothing to you, but it affects humanity.

Suppose, if the world was blind, how many people would you impress?

By Amit Pratap Singh, India

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  2. This is a great post! I agree that people place too much focus on others’ looks, etc and need to place more focus on personality, being a good human, etc.

  3. You have pointed out so well on how people misbehaving into using someone and the racial prejudices where colors matter seeing how people suffer from complexity. A post debunking myth about fairness and you are stirring a debate to create awareness and alter perceptions.

  4. 👍
    Still few positive people exist and there is positivity. So future is not that bleak.
    I think we should not give importance to what other people think of us.
    We should be comfortable with who we are and focus on our growth.
    Instead of changing others and society, if we change our perception, it will be less painful.
    If everyone focuses on one’s growth then what else can we ask? Then this planet would be a more beautiful place.

    1. You are right that we should focus on good people or things.
      But also we can’t ignore bad because we are living in the same society and as you said only a few are good.
      Still, hope for the best.
      Thank you for sharing. <3

    2. You are right. Few people that’s what I wanted to say in this post.
      It’s like the exception that only a few are good and rest are just trying to be.
      It’s not all about perception and only opinion. It’s a harsh reality of our society.
      Thanks for reading and for sharing your thought.
      Keep visiting.
      Thank you

  5. So true! Wonderful post! Yes, the beautiful heart should matter the most! Such a nice thought Amit! 💖

  6. Very beautifully written and well said.. the society is getting high tech and loosing their softness of heart.

    One thing I disagree maybe coz I am talking of myself tat I don’t block people coz of colour or size of their body. I don’t talk to people whom I didn’t know on social media and may block if I don’t get comforts with them..

    As shared by Nalini their are few positive people around which can change few minds and later a larger lot..

    Awesome piece of work..

  7. Wonderful post! We, as a society, are losing touch with each other and ourselves.

    If people were less concerned about what other people think, more concerned about helping others and our planet and less involved in the mundane rat race of trying to get ahead – the world would be a far better place.

    – Nyxie

  8. This post mentions the behaviour of society today which is indeed depressing but in reality, the outcome of continuous underdevelopment of morality and ethics. A immorality society will never go forward, only backward. Humans these days really are going below animals and animals can be praised better than them! This is merely the impermanence of all phenomena. I really like this sentence “we are moving toward the end of humanity” – I cannot agree more. Great meaningful article!

  9. Great post! So well put together. It is so shallow to judge people based on looks. What a pity we use the latest technology to increase our prejudices. Thank you for sharing about your experiment and these words inspiring all of us!

  10. I love this post so much. I agree 100% with everything you say, humans suck!! It’s sad, but true. I’ve started shying away from friendships and people in general because of the reasons you mentioned. I’m not ugly in the eyes of society, nor am I a person of colour. My girlfriend on the other hand is a person of colour and I experience how she is treated and judged every single day. This needs to stop!!! It’s no surprise that pets are treated better than our fellow humans nowadays because I, myself, have more respect for animals than I do for most humans. Thanks for this post xx

  11. We are the ones lacking sympathy and affection. We are the ones lacking love and compassion. We are the ones lacking virtue. And then we declare ourselves as the most developed beings on earth. When even animals display abundance of “humane” feelings towards the fellow beings – something that we humans lack !! This article is so relevant in this world where humans are only increasing in numbers and just the numbers.

  12. Great post and true. Thanks for passing by my blog so that I could find you. What I can add about this is that it s so discouraging when we look at things in general, what most of people do , destroying ,desrespecting each other and so one. What about changing our focus on the extreme rarety, because good people do exist too, they are the least heard of , or even better, let s just be THAT person we expect to see , to be we what we are supposed to be 🙂 so that when we look at ourself we can just say,”There is hope ” 🙂

  13. HEY THERE! I’ve got a new Poem titled Dear African man I would you to share.It’s on my blog…didn’t know how else to contact you so I hope you see this.

    1. Sorry for late.
      I will publish this soon.
      I would love if you will make this peom for all man around the world.
      You have written this nicely.
      Let me know what do you think.
      Thank you

  14. You’re absolutely right; we must consider our actions and their potential effects more carefully if we’re to have any hope. I believe in humankind- I really do- but until we start taking responsibility for ourselves and act from place of love (rather than ego), the scene is probably going to look pretty bleak! This was an interesting, thought-provoking post. As a teacher once said, ‘First become human’.

  15. Hey Flyhiee,
    For some reason, my blog displays I am not following you.
    I think my previous wordpress problem came back when i follow someone, it doesn’t let me follow.
    Let me know if it worked.
    Sorry about that!

  16. Lovely thoughts Amit. I resonate with your post. Our world is fast heading to moral extinction unless we do something about it. We’ve allowed our greed, selfishness to guide us. Our priorities have become misplaced, and biased. As humans, if we demand and want more from life, then we must first have the courage to walk out of the door of inhumanity, hate, violence, prejudices, war, injustices, and selfishness.

    Thank you for sharing.

  17. Excellent post… “An eye-opener” for those who posses such mentality… A harsh reality of the society pointed out perfectly… Good one…. Liked it… 🙂

    1. Thank you very much my dear friend.
      It means a lot that you found it ‘An eye-opener’. Thank you very much for taking time to read and share your thoughts.

  18. First of all, thank you for following my blog. As a former teacher, I am always interested in hearing the views of those younger than me.

  19. It’s so true! I’m so sad with the state of humanity right now. A few years ago after multiple acts of betrayal by people that I was close to, I too began to believe that everybody is just out there for themselves, and although I realize now, that this is not true, there are still far too many people out there who DO live like this!

    I hope to never be one of them. Keep spreading the good word. Your messages are important.

  20. Thank you for checking out my blog. This way I got to read what you wrote and I like it. Thank you for sharing your views, thoughts and feeling with us.

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