Let’s stop corruption, let’s work on how to eradicate poverty, crime and selfishness. Lets focus on how our youths will get jobs, on how we will feed our citizens and on how we will build our economy. We should avoid unnecessary politics and focus on uniting our people.” This has been a common verse recited in many political forums by most of our leaders. I can not tell whether they always mean what they say or is this one of the ways of trapping the innocent citizens into trusting them. To me it is more of a ‘cliche’ with most people already getting used to the endless rhymes made by our ‘able leaders’.

During every election period, we always see different political parties(leaders) each with its policies and manifestos. It is true to say that each and every promise made by the individuals are always very enticing and this can only mean one thing, we all want a brighter future for our countries and continent at large but only lack the true ‘Moses’ who will lead us out of the predicament we are currently facing. The different manifestos read leaves most individuals in a more confused state as each party’s key point being a very crucial need to most citizens. Deciding during this period will no longer be based on reading the manifestos but people will make decisions based on tribal basis.

Here is where we usually find problems, the period after the elections. Citizens always expect changes in operation at this moment due to change in the system but in most cases only minimal changes will be seen with most things running as usual. Wait a minute, was this part of the promise made by the leaders before being elected? Was this in their manifesto? When you look deeply and keenly into the matter, you will realise that their is no change in anything. Suprisingly, this is the point where you hear about stolen or misused funds by our leaders and in some cases even the names of such individuals are given out. What has the government done to this kind of leaders? This is the point where personally I usually feel that the government has done.

In some cases, even the names of such individuals are given out. What has the government done to this kind of leaders? This is the point where I usually feel that the government has done its duty. Still, in most cases, I typically realize that am blind when giving such comments since the fate of such leaders is usually determined by the level of connection with the government and the above authority with some guilty leaders walking freely in and out of the government institutions still leaders. In areas lead by such leaders, there is always a few developmental projects. Are the leader’s promises fulfilled? What conclusion do you make about such leaders, are they those who care about the citizens living conditions or was the manifestos part of the act that without a doubt has been fruitful and benefiting to the respective leader.

Many countries in our continent Africa has very large foreign debts which is inversely proportional to the developement seen, where do all the funds go? The answer to this can only be gotten from our ‘able leaders’. Suprisingly when leaders involved with corruption issues are being interrogated, there are some citizens who still go out to the streets to protest for their release which to me is completely unbelievable. This shows how we are not focused towards building our dream nation and continent and we are actually the enemies of our own success. Instead of fighting for our rights and development of our countries, we allow unnecessary greed to take control over us when we accept bribes and allow ourselves to support corrupt leaders without caring about the truth. We citizens lose a lot when we practice tribalism. It’s hard to believe that blood can be shed on our streets during some unnecessary protests because we are trying to defend a corrupt leader simply because we are from the same tribe.

It is good to be Patriotic to your tribe but it’s more wise to make correct decisions and correct people on the mistake they make without considering their tribes and connections they have. We citizens continue to suffer in most cases not because we want to but because of our choices. Let’s not forget that corruption is one of the major factors causing stagnant growth in our countries and continent at large. My prayer is that we may all make wise decisions, and we citizens instead not fall victims of the so called stockholm syndrome.



  1. Our leaders should make ‘promises’ which they can fulfill. The citizens should open their eyes to choose proper leaders with raw ambitions of building a nation, not holy cows who want to maintain they social prowess and hold onto the pompous seats at the expense of the citizens tax.

    Let us forget the politicians and elect leaders.

    True leaders are the makers of a nation!

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