At times I wonder if we humans have ever reached our extreme limits to a point where we can relate it to the term stretch, we are always engulfed with fear and doubt of our abilities. The word stretch according to this aspect is always enigmatic. We treat it with an attitude of impossibility as we don’t even want to imagine about it, relate to it or even hear a word about it.

The actual process to achieving this kind of a limit requires stoic endurance, it won’t come easy. Many have made it through this, incredible things achieved through the same path by doing things extraordinarily. Sacrifice, humility and patience forming the main pillars to this. Surprisingly despite knowing the values of such qualities and principles we still fear moving out of our comfort zones. We still and will always want to do things from within the walls that always limits us. We feel more safe in between the walls of comfortability, set goals based on our abilities, think ordinarily and even act normally to everything. Then how will the society grow?

So maybe we won’t be the who we want if we be the who we are and maybe we won’t reach the top of the Everest if the seen from down here is already a satisfactory. Everything we dream of will be nothing but an illusion. I don’t disagree with a fact that at times to create the world we want to see then we have to use our imaginations, but do we really have to live in it?

The current world has become so competitive that only few will manage to outlive this ‘deadly ‘ quest. What’s so special about them? What do they have that we don’t? Is life really fair? At times we usually find ourselves asking this questions but what are the answers? Life is fair depending on how you deal with situations. Everyone has an opportunity to think, a chance to come up with an idea of how he/she will fit in the modern society. Then what’s the problem? Majority fails to think! Do you believe you can bring change, do you believe that you are the answer to some problem out there? Sure, yes is the answer but in which world? We choose to put our efforts in a world that doesn’t exist, a world of our imaginations, we are heroes in a world created by us, self glorification in the real world results from our illusions. Then how will we make it if we can’t make the most of what we have.

The actions in a physical world will always be as a result from the self internalized level of operation, a base to everything, an inbuilt attitude and perception is always the light to our feet in the physical world

Have you ever imagined what the world would be if you only stretched your mind slightly higher than how you think and reason, maybe you can create the results in your imaginations. It won’t be the same again. The world is where it is because someone stretched his abilities, the results to which has made your life comfortable. You are living this kind of life because someone stoically pursued his dreams. Start it today make the first step, stretch beyond the limits because it is possible.

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