That day, 23rd of October, 2016 I was out on a brisk walk in the morning. Under a tall slim tree, I witnessed a young crow being taught to fly by its elder one. It was pulling the young one with its beak through its wings. But the young one was resolute to move. I was curious whether the small one was paying its ignorance on its elder one or it couldn’t really fly. Then, to test it, I just appeared to be as a threat by nearing it but in contrast to my opinion, it couldn’t fly.

It jumped a little distance away so I thought not to bother that little creature and paved my way back.

In my mind, I was appreciating the mother nature for being humble and realizing that all parents whether it be human or animals, they are concerned about their child learning the required skills.

That morning, I felt satisfied for an anonymous reason after observing the love-some and a tender panorama of life.

The next day again, I was passing through the same path, recalling the young crow that I had witnessed the day before. And suddenly, my eyes ran through the carcass surrounded by big and small ants. This gave me a thunderbolt shock, it was the same young crow. My eyes welled up with the melancholy tear. A huge block of thoughts hovered over my head- “ It was just yesterday that it was beginning to live its life and even before it made a fly, it passed away. I wanted to find out what might have killed it, what could have its mother done to protect it but, for the world, it’s just a crow! Who would bother what happened, we always have our own life in the big picture.

I don’t have any conclusion to it, neither do I have an opinion. It just had a deep impact on me, I felt like I found myself, whom I had lost even when I was not aware of. I understood the fragileness of life that in a matter of seconds we could turn into ashes and it doesn’t bother the world. Everything functions as it was functioning before, it’s just we who feel this life to be enormous.

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By Kusum Sharma, India

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