It’s high time we clear some doubts from our minds; it’s time we express ourselves and make a move towards changing a standard narrative called “the crazy youth modernity.” It’s so sad when no ones understand you but its very pleasing when everyone’s open to you about some facts.

Let me start by refreshing your minds with a real story /current event happening in Nigeria at the moment; THE #ENDSARS. For the past few months, Nigeria has had a lot of protests demanding for a change in their system, and police brutality is on the rise as young youths are being killed, illegally arrested and tortured because of claims that they are living a ‘modern life’. The protest entitled #Endsars has been the cry of the young citizens as they claim that the government has taken no action on the matter. The protesters claim that the police with the title SARS are harassing any youth found with the luxurious car, an iPhone or a laptop which to me is completely absurd. The attacks directed to the youths are based on appearance with those with tattoos, piercings and fashioned hairstyles also victims of the same predicament. The country is currently in the state of regaining its stability.


Modernity has been taken as a threat. Its seen in our youths as time move, and it’s on the rise at a higher rate. Every youth wants to go with the trending fashion. This has been living in the past few years. Is modernity giving negative or positive results/principles to the youth? Everything is changing with time; from dressing style to the talents. And even the language has changed in many countries. How do you take it, you the parents, is everything modern negative to you, you can answer this in the comment section.

With your opinion as to the elders and parents, what have you done to ensure we the youth don’t go astray? Have you ever spent your time with the youths and heard their opinions on the same issues. Have you tried understanding and correcting them where necessary. Have you made them understand your take on such topic, how do you fix a problem seen, do you share it or you decide without involving them? Do you give opportunities to the youngsters to showcase what they have, do you support their talents and ideas, are opportunities provided, because if not they will go out and search for the options which might create a lot of problems.

Modernity is both good and bad, depending on the direction taken by the individual. All I know at the end of the day is that modernity has created something in us the youths that we only want to dwell in a cosy environment where there are support, understanding and necessary engagements. We love discussions; we love giving our ideas because we all want to be heard. We end up losing track when we are left without a guide leading us towards our goals and dreams. Everyone wants to cement their legacies in different stations. Parents should support and supervise. Remember to correct with love the ideas and talents these people have. Spend more time with the young citizens and don’t let modernity be the rift between the two different generations, let’s look at things from both angles and be more favourable to this title, ‘modernity’.

By O.Maxwell Gad.


  1. Fully agree with you Man Of God 🤝🏻Its not a crime to be modern🤘🏻we need to embrace our modernity and make the best use of it🌎Marvellous work🔥🔥keep up bro⚡💪🏻

  2. Change is inevitable and currentt lifestyle that youths live is a result of change. Youths can’t outdated themselves to satisfy people who don’t want to embrace change. It is either people uprage or embrace the youths as they are. Subjecting youths to brutality because of living normally as per their time is like cutting of the future and wiping off a generation.

    #uprade and embrace change

  3. Change is inevitable. Nice read Max. This is a wake up call to stereotypes. Personally I have faced harassment and prejudice by virtue of my hair. But anyway…

  4. This is amazing, understanding the youth, barriers and carrier’s,and everything connected to.

    A nice job, keep it up

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