Who broke the hope of being alive!

Who Broke the hope of being alive!

Hahaha,  I laugh as I really put the word letter” A”, with the word live ,it comes to my mind is there a single life that is alive or a combo of individuals make life .The presence of life, the walkie-talkies(humans) .

     A crowd going on, hustle and bustle different destinations ,different goals different target points, yet common yield we all going to have!

                     The eye opens as we I found myself out of the mother’s womb.

Sun pours reminiscence ,I try to absorb tiny beams , I am protected ,fostered, cherished ,brought up and now I am ready to put my footsteps on soil leaving behind the creeping trail the clasp ,I am on my toes.

                 Dreams ,rainbow,moths,butterflies,bonbon

                 New world new things, alien scenario

All of sudden shell broke and western winds introduce me to the planet earth.

Right there nerves are hold stringent and my essence as me starts evolving. I am accepted only when if I have catchy outlook, chubby cheeks and dimple chin, I am being appreciated when I score numbers,

I spill colors ,I ransack my belonging, look at stars, love the mud ,I went out to run after frogs , I jump in muddy pools ,I drown in my wonderland when tears flow as I watch a scolded scene on screen ,I laugh into fumes when mickey & Minnie enjoy sugar , in an eccentric way I lay on floor letting my legs in air like pendulum of clock watching fishes of multicolored, curious I become when they hide n I smile as they again appear on screen. I run out to swim after the neighborhood buddies screaming to wait for me to join the playground.

It was peaceful, serene and comfortable as the curiousness was unanswered, slowly as life make me grew through years, its untaught  lessons , mother nature too went against me,

                                   Not only roughness of weather shriek me

                                    My cocoon went astray!

          In an evolution to fight and survive -survival for the fittest,

                                    I started my journey.

It went and continued on Unknown paths , some beings shared a thatch ,some bruised some thorned,some back stabbed some came like clowns some masked ,even the blood at times too didn’t

  Recognized hidden anger, silence and there the cold blood murder starts.

   ” while holding kindness within me ,I never knew the depth of sorrow” Neither did I establish any of foundation for the dreams that were present in the eyes of the lady -more dear to me than my breath nor was I able to make smile the hero of my life-who holded my fingers and made me to walk yet with all the coir I tried to collect on my ways I tried to weave the best fabric.

The competition in which we all jump to make the masters feel empathetic for us , arising us to ladder of success,we never know how many times we murder our soul , You get so much withered to unflower you it may need a second chance to live a life

    you too try and get acquainted with the mask ,with the real you being layered and buried under your self .

Nothing can satisfy you than ,once again being in a reconciliation, with your self to expose you before the wildest truths and fears, to let go off your mind and face the alien breeze that  again comes to threat you.let you not fall this time as past wounds are not as an entity to torn your eye,but as a flower that ever blooms whose fragrance makes you astounded .

Its this fragrance that will keep your senses alive to make you being alive once again

                                          ” Get up & stand for what you are’

Get up and face what lyrics you wanna put

Get up and re bounce

Get up and let your self replenish with those tears that were hidden

let them fall

let you scream

let these tears moisten your soul so as not to make those compromises that gave you nothing than making people around you applause only

For you are not meant for as a puppet

let the chord be snatched from those who overpowered you

Dance in your own rhythm of beautiful lyrics of your soul

For you are not meant only to get statued and paid obeisance when you die

greet yourself your hidden self to acknowledge what you want to

None of beings even your child whom you nourish in your womb is going to feel you

Stop putting yourself before other beings

                Stop asphyxiating

   breathe ,when the dew is moistening you

why you will crush those pearl ones under your feet

when they come to cuddle you

Feel the feeling of rose petals & tulip’s

for they make you intoxicated with the purity of nature in itself

 than a sweet talk with you inmates

Let’s live again and be a name in you


           Being Alive.

By Quratul Aan , India

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