Ify couldn’t stop her lips from quivering along with her shivering legs. The well decorated stairs seemed like a death trap just like when she had walked directly into the snakes mouth on a rainy Friday night. She had wished her mum could be just like kenechi’s mum who at that time was a widow just like hers but had made a vow never to marry anyone but focus on her son. Life played a dirty trick on her and made her mum the opposite of kenechi’s mother. There she was,living with a total stranger who called himself her step father. From the day she had moved in,he had played silly tricks on her behind the scene of a father/daughter moment and her mum would just stare and laugh like a naive 8yr old. A press on her breast was no play for a 19 yr old like her so she rebelled. This got her a notorious character in the presence of her mum. Her mum will always say “i know you don’t like him…that is why you are always fighting with him,but i wont leave him…i cant be alone”.

She knew that unlike kenechi’s mother who was fully independent of any man,her mum was scared of being alone and therefore was blinded by her love that she couldn’t see the hidden sexual massacre of her husband towards her daughter. Day after day, it kept occurring until he stormed into her room on a dark night, pulling her to the wall and taking off her clothes and shutting her mouth with hot air steaming from his nose like a hungry lion and his eyes beaming with lust. He fed on her neck until her phone rang and he pulled away in fear. Then she let out a loud scream. Just like a flash, he was out of her room through her window. Her heart raced with possibilities at his skillfulness in flying windows, a piece of clear evidence to depict an armed robber. Her mum rushed into the room and turned on the light. “What is it?…are you alright?” she had asked but ify just stared at her and later burst into tears. She was sure if she tried telling the story, her mum wouldn’t still believe her so all she could do was cry. Later that night, she called the line back. ”Hello…im sorry I woke you up” the person behind the call spoke.

“No you didn’t“ …she replied in a quivering voice “he tried doing it again kenechi” she continued as her cloth became soaked in tears. “What?…im coming over to your house tomorrow…this must stop!” Kenechi retorted and hung up before she could disagree.

The next day,he was standing at her door with fisted palms only to throw a punch at the first person that reached for the door. Her step father reached out to retaliate but was halted at the sight of her mum who shouted “dont!…that’s her boyfriend…he is young so just ignore him“.

“Im taking ify out of here…you dont listen to a thing she tells you…you are blinded by love” kenechi said and grabbed her hands but she pulled it away and said “i cant go…im sorry“. She ran up the stairs without turning back. She had thought about deserting her mum a billion times but she couldn’t. Her mum was all she had on earth and so she swore she would fight for it no matter what. She shut the door and dashed her face into her pillow,soaking it in her tears. She had never turned kenechi down, Following 6yrs of being together. Triggered by the zeal to evict her step father and create a lovely home,she sprang to action. She suspected something fishy about him the other night he had scaled through her window like a professional thief. It was on rainy Friday night and she sneaked into their room,slightly pulling the cupboard open and at each point,she would take a glance behind her to ensure she was not caught. She got hold of some documents affixed to a corner in the cupboard. Pensively,she tore it open and her eyes pinched on each black inscriptions. A flight booking for Canada the next day and on the other document,it was clearly evident that he was a runaway criminal and was only looking for a hiding place. Just when she thought she had seen it all,her legs dashed on a swollen poly bag. She pulled it open and there she stood in awe of all the money gathered. It dawned on her like a flash that he was a runaway criminal seeking to steal money to flee the city. As soon as she spun around, a great punch scavenged her face like a thunder and she was there,creeping on the floor like a lizard. She looked up and found him coming after her like a demon. He grabbed her hands,pulled her up and whispered “you think you are smart…its too late…my flight is today and you can scream for all i care!”. She let out a loud scream and her mum jerked up the bed and screamed at him “what are you doing…let her go“. He threw her on the bed and reached for his luggage. “Goodbye…i appreciate your warm accommodation and your mothers body…thanks“.

His last words made her blood boil. In an uncontrollable rage,she pulled a stick that was laying on the ground and smashed his head. He groaned in pain and pulled out a gun. Less did she know he was holding one. “What are you doing…stop this madness please my love….i know this is not you“ her mum cried and he smirked and said “this is me!”he pointed it at ify. He pulled the trigger and ify threw herself to the ground and then everywhere went silent. She couldn’t hear his voice anymore so she threw her head up only to recognise he had moved out. “God!…thank God“ she said and spun around to hug her mum in victory but there she was,lying dead in a pool of her own blood. To ify,it seemed like the world had paused and fire lay on her eyes as she had nothing to do but cry. That night,she would never forget. Even as she walked down the isle with kenechi,she knew she would forever remember the day she walked down the stairs carrying her mothers lifeless body on her back with no more tears to cry while she couldn’t retaliate despite seeing the criminal bound in chains. Her only joy was that he was given a death sentence.

“And now you are officially husband and wife!” The priest said as the crowd cheered. She looked at the stairs and said “i wish you were here my love,my hope,my strength,my mum”

Hey guys!…it was really hard writing this…its a fiction 😂….so please 😂 well….how has the year been so far?

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