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“Oh my Cinderella! I bless you for your life ahead” exclaimed mum turned around, took her handkerchief and wiped her eyes. I asked her, “Did he arrive?”. She nodded and said, “He has just entered the hall. He must be waiting for you.”

When I entered the loudest wedding hall I became dazed for a second. I couldn’t see the glamorous lit wedding hall for a moment and everything in front of my eyes became like a dark tunnel, maybe the camera flashed on me too much.

He was waiting there with a smile on his face in a long golden sherwani having leave prints design on it and head covered with a golden wreath tied with two golden robes on each side. We were made to sit on a throne with more cameras than eyes staring at us trying to capture our special day.

And he gently put the precious mark of love on my right hand which I still wonder why heavies too much. All my friends and relatives came one by one and bestowed their unbounded blessings in a closed envelope. While having the dinner I asked him, “Are you ready for it?” To which he answered, “No I am not but I am sure you
will make me”

When we were sitting in front of the fire I could see myself in it. I was traumatized for what I saw in it and ran to the washroom. A cold breeze from a half-opened window in the washroom lured me to follow it. Now next I know I was running on an empty dark road without a single light in it.

I became terrified and tried to run away as fast as possible and as far as possible. But soon I realized the road doesn’t lead me anywhere and neither does my future with this timidness.

Someone shook me hard after which I grasped that I was just staring at the fire for such a long time. While sitting there I saw the grin on his face and that’s what made me comprehend that this is all that I should put my whole life for. “Now take the seven circumambulations around the sacred fire and take seven vows to complete your marriage,” said the priest.


By Abhinav Grover, India

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